Wednesday, October 31, 2012


helllllloooo out there.

oh man.

is this really my second post of October? I felt like I couldn't let a whole month pass and only post ONCE [bad, hita]. Thanks to Audra for giving me a good kick in the rear. I really cannot complain, life has been great but it sure has been hectic. We've had tons of amazing friends come visit and we're getting settled in our amazing cozy little place and work has been extremely challenging but rewarding for both DJ and I over the past month.

so yeah, I've sucked it up at updating the wee ole blog but I'm getting into a routine with work/momdom and we're almost done working on our place (blog posts with pictures coming soon) so I promise to post more in November than October. Hah. Shouldn't be too challenging? Fingers crossed.

Well, I'll leave you with what you really want - pictures of our sweet, sweet, girl! ENJOY! :)

doesn't she just make your heart melt?
just me?

well. I hope you enjoyed the latest installement of lazy/tired mom blogging aka the iPhone photo dump [not calling any of you that do that lazy, just myself].

real blog posts coming soon... hold your breath.
I know.
I kid.

I promise.
coming soon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

is this real life?

A little something to make you smile on Monday morning --

just when you thought she couldn't get any cuter...
this happens...
...I know.

oh penelope.
I love you my little sleepy girl.

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