Monday, December 30, 2013

some bunny.

what's that? a blog update?
that's right -- hell is freezing over.
anyways, enough about that. 

2013 (the year of less than 15 blog posts, hah) is almost over. 
here's to 2014 -- I have a feeling it's going to be an amazing year for oh-so-many reasons.

one in particular?

we'll have somebunny blue joining our family in march 2014!

here's to becoming a family of four and welcoming a sweet baby boy to the mix! we're beyond excited (and let's get real, petrified). 

thanks 2013 for being awesome in oh-so-many-ways, here's to an amazing 2014!

Sunday, July 28, 2013


welp. life has been pretty uneventful in the best kind of way. the P is growing like a sweet little weed, I am still obsessed with eating cookies and I'm already looking forward to Friday.

lately we've been spending tons of time in the sun [don't worry, we're wearing sunscreen]...

we've been cuddling all over the place...

we've [okay, okay, just me] been eating cookies like they're going out of style...

I know. 
my life is thrilling. 
off to online shop [aka fill tons of carts with tons of clothes and maybe pull the trigger on one of them]

Friday, July 19, 2013

five on friday.

happy are five awesome things that I can't wait to share.

ONE: DJ finally comes home today. I can't freaking wait, he's been away on business all week and though I love the me-time, it's also going to be great to have him back! I also cannot wait to have someone else in my house change diapers... #overit

TWO: I'm pretty sure that P  is even more excited than I am -- every night at dinner/when we get home/when she gets up/after she blinks "da da? DA DA!" yes siree - we have a daddy's girl.

THREE: Lindi was in ATL last night and came and had a girls night with P & I... it was perfection (aka we ordered Chinese food, she helped me fold laundry, watched Revenge of the Bridesmaids (no judgies) on netflix and then laid in bed talking before bed. It made my heart happy. Also, If you like terribly awesome ABC family movies then Revenge of the Bridesmaids is right up your alley.

FOUR: we are so ready for football season. someone is working on her TOUCHDOWN! 42 days until Gamecock football! 

FIVE: I'm going home, eating leftovers, putting P to bed and diving into a book [DJ is going to a concert with friends so I'm enjoying one more night to myself]. Can't wait for a night of relaxation and not setting an alarm [you better believe DJ is getting up with P tomorrow and that I'm sleeping in!]. Hooray for one more sloth  night!

happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

shoe shopping...

remember that time that I bought five pairs of shoes in twenty-four hours and none of them were for me.

I mean... really? WHO AM I.

oh wait, that's right... I'm the mom of a WALKING toddler.
PJ is walking like a freaking champ and you know what that means -- baaaaaby shoes

want to see what I bought? of course you do...

first, yes... I bought three different pairs of TOMS...
these adorable little blue shoes, perfect for school... 

last but not least... this pair is named the "Penelope Sandal" -- I mean, I had to buy them...

...In my defense -- these five pairs span three different  sizes (we have a growing girl!), so I'm stocking up for awhile AND I only spent less than $70 on all five pairs (thank you Zulily!). 

AND... I'm scared for myself (and my checkbook) because PediPeds is on Zulily today... If anyone ever told me I'd have more fun buying P shoes than buying myself shoes I would have laughed, but now... 

  1. I want to make sure I'm buying her good quality shoes because she's learning to walk/her feet are developing 
  2. Let's get real her feet are WAY cuter than mine [her everything is way cuter than mine].

so... if you're in the market for adorable baby shoes head to Zulily before I do [please, buy all the cute shoes before I do]

also, someone please tell me I'm not the only one?!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

penny's fist birthday: the birthday gal herself...

last post about Sweet P's first birthday -- here are some of my favorite pictures of our sweet girl at her actual birthday party... seriously, she's so. freaking. sweet. 

get ready for a cute overload... 

did I tell a lie?
I mean...
come on.
sweet as pie, right?

Friday, July 12, 2013

penny's first birthday party: food & decor

Penny's first birthday party was one of the most fun parties I've ever planned. We didn't want to do something outrageous, and lets be real, Penny isn't at the age where she really plays with other kids and will remember the party so it was really for us. BUT, all the same, we wanted to have a celebration. So we had originally planned a picnic with family and close Atlanta friends, but unfortunately the weather did NOT cooperate. So, we were nimble and hosted the party in our apartment. It was tight, but fun. We didn't have a real "theme" just wanted to go along with the bright colors that we had picked for her room/style (or at least what I think her style is, hah).

so, without further adeau -- Penny's bright, fun and festive first birthday! 

thanks to the amazing Aliya Rinaldi  Designs for the invites -- we loved them! (I highly recommend her for any and all of your invite/design needs)

bright colors incorporated into the napkins, straws, etc.

rainbow cake! yes -- I'm insane and made two of them, one for the cake smash/photoshoot and one for her party. in retrospect, I wish I would have made rainbow cupcakes for the party but you live and learn [[many thanks to Penny's amazing Godmother Tiffani for helping me with both cakes, and let's get real, most if not all of the food]]

pink lemonade cupcakes... 

party food! mini sandwiches, fruit kabobs, chocolate dipped pretzel rods, fruity pebbles/rice krispie treats, chips and salsa...

mini fruit kabobs and a mimosa bar (few types of champagnes and juices in pitchers)

beers for the non-mimosa drinking adults and izzies for the kids [and Oliver]...

...and P's favorite -- bubbles as favors! [[fun fact, Penny said "bubbles," her first non mama/dada word AND walked seven steps for the first time on her actual birthday]]

so there you have it! such a blast and I can't wait to plan P's next party... only ten months of planning. ;) I'll post pictures of the birthday girl enjoying her party next (aka soon)!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

p's one year photos.

I know, I know.

Insert lame apology about not blogging here. I've decided that I'm just going to blog when I have a chance and not feel anxious about having to "update" since the last blog post... [thanks Julie for the nudge to get back in the saddle, haha].

so let's just say from February to July have been awesome. Hah. But really. I'll try and update a bit here and there (Penny's first birthday, etc).

To start -- I have to share her one year pictures from the fabulous Shannon Leigh Studios.


I mean.
I die.

more coming soon... promise (hah).

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