Monday, November 19, 2012

a FREE treat from treat!

In the age of emails, twitter and text messaging sometimes the "thought" gets lost in the holiday season (and lets be real, all seasons).  personally, there is nothing that makes me smile more than a heartfelt card from a sweet friend. SO I try and do the same and send cards to my loved ones near and far. I love me some snail mail! 

which is why I love Treat -- their cards are cute, affordable and you can make them personalized for all sorts of events/occasions. Treat is Shutterfly's exciting new greeting card brand that makes it easy for people to create and send one-of-a-kind greeting cards. It’s super easy. And it’s completely personal.

they have cards that you can personalize for all sorts of occasions, including --


friendship/just because... 

birthday cards....
 thanksgiving cards...

The amazing folks at Treat have a great deal for you (today and tomorrow ONLY) create and send a totally personalized greeting card from Treat for FREE
Whether saying thanks for Thanksgiving, wishing a best friend a holiday birthday, or simply sharing the holiday cheer with a just because card, Treat lets you create a one-of-a-kind card that is sure to impress.

Use the code TREATBLOGR today (11/19) or tomorrow (11/20) for your free treat card! 

**This is a sponsored post, many thanks to Shutterfly/Treat.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I should be working (I know on a Sunday night, lame but I have a LOT to get done on this short week) but instead I felt called to blog, particularly since this week is one that is so near to my heart. three years ago this week I took a huge leap of faith, followed my heart and flew over 700 miles to go visit a friend. 

as cheesy as it sounds - I still remember the feeling that ran through my body, heart and soul when we saw each other for the first time when I got off the plane. I knew that instant that my life would be completely changed. I keep saying I'm going to finish our love story and I WILL, eventually. I just want to do it right instead of rushing to get it up just to finish it [and someone, ahem DJ - needs to write his sections... not that I've done mine, oops]. anyways, this post from two years ago feels like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time. I'm still overwhelmed with love for my sweet flannel wearing hippy.

any-the-ways, I figured I'd try something new and linkup with Neely on this chilly fall Sunday and share my list of what I'm thankful for this fall season -- I wish I could say my post will be as humorous and entertaining as Sara's post earlier this week [genius and amazing!] but my creativity is just not currently flowing... so here you go...

I am thankful for....
- coffee: oh the black tar aka the good stuff that gets my blood pumping and heart beating every morning... CAFFEINE I LOVE YOU.
- beer: after being pregnant and not drinking for almost a year I have come to appreciate a nice cold beer, it's definitely been my [daily] drink of choice lately!
- for la croix: thank you for giving my fix when I have my "fizzy" bubble cravings without being a real soda
- my snooze button: because on most mornings 6am just is not happening...
- for our bumbo: sorry penny but seriously, I cannot hold you ALL the freaking time!
- for my iPhone: little mini computer in my hand aka the ultimate distraction... I love you.
- for pacifiers: sometimes when nothing else will do you just need to do as my dad would say and "plug it up"
- for instagram: aka instamakeup... thanks for making me look better than I really do and for making my  lunch look cool.
- for google: thank you for giving the answers and making me seem smarter than I am
- for the James Patterson Women's Murder Club series: I want to be Lindsay Boxer
- for my fancy pants camera: for making me think I'm a better photographer than I really am
- for my job that offers me the flexibility to be a professional and the type of mom that I want to be without having to choose between the two or sacrifice [too much]
- for scarves: because who likes a cold neck?
- for oliver: thanks for the snuggles bud. you make me smile. you are my dream come true in a fat lazy little bulldog package.
- for my friends: you love me even if I'm a bitch.
- for my family: for just being you - I couldn't ask for a better support system of crazy quirky folks.
- for ms. penelope rose: for making a mommy, filling my heart with love and bringing a smile to my face [and lets get real for sleeping through the night starting at six weeks - THANK YOU for being a good sleeper and giving me the gift of SLEEP!]
- for danny j: for being my best friend, my partner, my love, the washer of my dishes [and bottles and breast pump parts], for walking the dog, being an amazing daddy [and for taking me as I am - for better and for worse... or lately, for bitchy or cranky, oops].

so that's that.
what are you thankful for?

**also, congrats to chelsea from The Curly Cues for winning my Shutterfly giveaway!**

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

one year ago.

it's crazy to think that one year ago... I made this fun little announcement on the blog. and now we have a six month old....

one year ago, I was three months pregnant with our beautiful baby girl.
one year ago, I was overwhelmed with the idea of becoming a mother.
one year ago, I had no idea what was coming my way.
one year ago, I only dreamed of the happiness and love that I feel right now.

today - I am the mother of a beautiful [two days shy of] six month old girl, the wife of the best daddy in the world and overwhelmed by love for the two people that I get to share my life with.

I just have to smile and think about where I was, where I am, and where I'm going. I can only imagine how I'll feel one year from today.

Monday, November 12, 2012

holiday cards 2012 AND a giveaway!

oh November - I was shocked when you appeared [out of nowhere] and now you're almost halfway over!?

It feels like yesterday that Sweet P was born and now she'll be SIX MONTHS on Friday!? You know what that means... yup, photoshoot! we're heading out to a local park to take P's six month photos as well as some family pictures for our holiday cards... that's right - holiday cards! This will be our third holiday card that we're sending out as a married couple and our first as parents so let's get real, I'm SO excited about pimping sweet p out. 

so I've done things a bit backwards - I picked out a few cards that I like and we're in the midst of "styling" ourselves to fit the bill - fun, casual outfits, a little fall/plaid/relaxed, not so traditional... so of course, I turned to Shutterfly (check out their special offers page for some great deals!)

here are a few of the Shutterfly Holiday Cards that I have my eye on....

which one is your fave?
what is your holiday card style? traditional? modern? 
any tips for getting babies to cooperate in family photo shoots 
[please send me happy baby vibes on saturday afternoon]?
do you want to come over and pick out my outfit and do my hair and makeup?
are you over all of these questions?

okay, here's your reward for reading all my jibber-jabber... 
Shutterfly has generously partnered with me to host a giveaway for forever88 readers!
what's in it for you?
 An extra $50 off your order of $50 or more 
(excluding tax and shipping & cannot be combined with any other promos) 
(expires 12/14/2012 – no extensions)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

good luck lovies, I'm off to attempt to find something for me and P to wear on Saturday - I got the hardest part done, DJ has picked out his outfit!

**This is a sponsored post, many thanks to Shutterfly.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

election day.

hope you've gotten out there and voted! DJ, Sweet Penny and I battled the weather and the lines and hit the polls this morning.

this time of year is always exciting - and it's crazy to think this is the first election in 12 years that I won't be spending the evening watching the results roll in on a college campus (2000: freshman year of college, 2004: grad school, 2008: residence coordinator). It's a bit bittersweet to not be spending this evening with college students... but hey, I'm also VERY okay with watching the results roll-in in my sweats, drinking beer with my husband. here's to an interesting night. hope your guy wins - but only if he's my guy, duh.

penny's first halloween!

Another holiday under Penny's belt (onesie?) -- Halloween, check.
PJ was an adorable kitty at school and then we broke out her real costume and strolled around the neighborhood and headed to the park to have a little photoshoot.

here are some of our favorite snapshots of PJ's first halloween - enjoy!

up next?
can't wait for PJ to be dressed in her fall finest and get her first taste of turkey and mashed taters!

Friday, November 2, 2012

eventful halloween week...

what have we been doing all week? wearing all of our halloween outfits, duh!
more pictures to come of our sweet little Penny in her halloween outfit/costume but these were too cute not to share right away... oh and big news -- guess who started SITTING UP BY HERSELF this week?!?!

that's right ---

that gal!
crazy huh??
time flies, I can't believe she's 5.5 months already.

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