Thursday, September 30, 2010

ALMOST friday...

it's almost friday and my brain is ready for the weekend...
here are some random thoughts from this random girl....

{image via here}
hello rainboots - nice to see you.... is it raining where you live?
because it's pouring buckets here.
I don't mind the rain - it just makes me want to take nap...
Oliver however, did not enjoy his first rainstorm this morning - he just hid under the bushes
and looked very, very confused.

{image via here - not my nightstand, but awful cute}
I left my wedding ring home today.
{sorry DJ}
it's on my nightstand.
I hate it when I do that.
I feel naked.

{image via here}
I can't stop thinking about this week's Glee.
it was so good...
I'm going to have Britney Spears songs in my head all week
I have new unhealthy obsession with Heather Morris and her character Brittany
if you haven't seen it already - GO NOW....

{image via here}
thats all I have to say about that.

just because I know you all love my puppy....
not posed.
just what he does.
he's so freaking cute.

that's all.
happy {almost} weekend.
stay dry puppies.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Ollie....

Ollie has mastered a new skill that I shared with you here... he now knows how to get on the couch... our lives will never be the same...

 this face is constantly in mine...

my new warming blanket...

"mooom, quit hogging the couch..."

...but it's not just me he loves to snuggle with - he's a daddy's boy too!

so. freaking. cute.

Monday, September 27, 2010

28 books down... and a B&N rant...

{image via here}

yes. I read the entire Pretty Little Liars series.
yes. that is a Harper TEEN book.
yes. I loved every second of it.

23. Pretty Little Liars Series Book #3: Perfect by Sara Shepard
24. Pretty Little Liars Series Book #4: Unbelievable by Sara Shepard
25. Pretty Little Liars Series Book #5: Wicked by Sara Shepard
26. Pretty Little Liars Series Book #6: Killer by Sara Shepard
27. Pretty Little Liars Series Book #7: Heartless by Sara Shepard
28. Pretty Little Liars Series Book #8: Wanted by Sara Shepard

so awhile back my amazing [enabler] friend Sarah sent me a care package with the first Pretty Little Liars book in it... I'm a tween-wannabee so clearly, I watch the PLL tv-show on abc family... [aka tween-crack].

um, the book was good - so good I clearly got on the internet and started searching for the books... now the practical side of me looked on our library webpage first because let's be honest these are not literary works of art that I want to reread every year, just fun in the moment books... alas, these books were not in the library system!

so I searched online to buy them [I know, I know - not in the budget but a girl needs to read!]... I found that Barnes & Noble was cheaper [for once] than my trusty Amazon so I went out on a limb and bought them there... a week passes and no books. I won't go into details but it took TWO WEEKS to get B&N customer service to resend the books, what crap. I was VERY unsatisfied with their customer service and will not be buying books from them again.

I'm sorry Amazon - I won't every doubt you again. Screw you B&N and your shit customer service [this makes me sad because I used to love them].

Anyways, back to the books... um, they were heaven, in fact they were so good I packed them up and mailed them to my best friend Lindi to read ASAP. They are really witty, capture teen drama and really kept me on my toes... I also feel like the character development was really good, you watch these girls go through some crazy shit and for being a teen book I was very satisfied. I couldn't wait when one book was over to start the next one... I finished book #8 and now I'm kinda depressed... [though my checkbook isn't] - what do you mean there aren't any more???

Oh well, on to read a classic [also from the lovely sarah] to make myself feel better about reading teen smut for the past two weeks!

happy reading penguins! :)

quality time with ollie...

DJ left Oliver and I for a "guys weekend" in Atlantic City so Ollie and I had plenty of QT and downtime this weekend. I [of course] missed my loveable husband but had a nice quiet weekend on my own.

Friday night I had some [much needed] girl time with my friend Jenny - we went out for indian food and saw Mao's Last Dancer [really good]. Then on Saturday I cuddled with my [second] main squeeze, caught up on shows from my hulu que and catered a dinner [yay extra money]. Then Ollie and I walked over to our friends Beth and Jordan's house to celebrate Jordan's birthday with a bonfire and some drinks... Ollie of course was the hit of the party...

Sunday was sloth day... okay not too slothlike as I cleaned and did tons of laundry but I walked to Baba Louie's got a small Melanzana Cardinale pizza and read on the couch with Ollie for the majority of the day....

Of course, being slothlike, I didn't pick up my camera once this weekend but I did get some adorable shots of my little man via the iPhone - as always, enjoy!

"arm rest to you... head rest to me..."

Ollie perched on the side of the bed, "protecting mommy" [aka trying to sneak into bed when I'm not looking]

 Ollie's new favorite sleeping place... mommy's lap while she reads on the couch....

more cuddletime while mom reads....

yes. pajama pants were the outfit of choice this weekend. my dubgirls are laughing - some things never change!

Friday, September 24, 2010

walk in the woods...

Danny, Greg and I hiked Monument Mountain this past sunday and had a great time, it was a beautiful crisp [almost] fall day and while they hiked like champs I huffed and puffed along and straggled behind taking pictures, here are some of my favorites from the hike... enjoy!

played around a bit with my fisheye...

back to normal....

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower." - Albert Camus

Thursday, September 23, 2010

something blue....

seriously. how difficult is it to find pretty blue flats in a 9.5 for my wedding?
clearly. pretty difficult... least when you can't agree with your husband about what shade of blue to buy (can you believe he cares? it's amazing)

then I found these:

funny story actually... I bought them awhile ago [for this exact purpose] and forgot about them, I mean they were only $12.99 and originally I thought no, but then found them when I was cleaning out my office/guest bedroom and realized they were the color that DJ wanted and that I could fancy them up with some rhinestone shoe clips!

Here are some of my favorite shoe clips (that are also budget-friendly).... what do you think?

my only fear is that I'll buy a pair of shoe clips, get them, try them on the shoes and not like them and no be able to return them.... thoughts?

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