Wednesday, December 22, 2010


our sweet boy has been quite the snuggler lately... I think it's because he's home by himself during the day, he's so happy just to be near us [in fact, he has to be near us no matter who or what he knocks over in the process]...

We've actually been bad puppy parents and have let him sleep in the bed with us the past two nights... he's just such a snuggly space heater.... the only thing is [and if you own a bulldog you know this is coming] HE SNOOORES... like cutting logs, poor DJ can't handle it - he hasn't been sleeping well so I think Ollie is going back to the kitchen tonight.

You know I can't post about Ollie without including pictures so here are the latest Ollie snuggles... I already shared that Oliver will use anyone and anything as a pillow including DJ's head - it seems I'm definitely included to this! Enjoy!

Head over to urbanbulldog and check out another cute picture of Ollie in their Holiday Bulldog series!

Black & White Wednesday [I love Christmas]

only three days until Christmas.
I really don't want to take down my Christmas tree...
Part of me says get it out of the way before the wedding and part of me wants it to be up when our friends come [in ONE week!! eeeh! ]

when do you take your tree down?

check out more of this weeks black and white photography here...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

bright wedding flowers....

don't you just love bright vibrant colors [and flowers]?
these are some of the bouquets that stand out to me...
I love bright colored flowers - pink, green, red, purple, orange, YELLOW...
[I love yellow flowers]
I get torn sometimes because I really like bouquets that are mixed with different types of flowers, but there's also a simple elegance in all roses or all gerber daisies [and I love daisies], etc.

My bridesmaids, my mom and I are going to the florist on Thursday [12/30] in the morning and are going to make our bouquets for the wedding... I'm going to be an optimist today and say that it's really exciting that I have no clue what are bouquets are going to look like [a little frightening but exciting]. 

now if only I could remember to call/go see the florist to make sure that he gets the flowers from Boston....

Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm super sore from crossfit.
I went six days last week (M-Sat) - aren't you proud? I am.
(my goal is 5 classes for this week).

I'm taking today off to go to DJ's work holiday party and stretch. I need it!

Ollie demonstrating one of our favorite stretch moves...
he's so buff, I know.
[and yes, I look for reasons to include pictures of him in posts. can you blame me? he's so darn cute]

Remember that weekend to-do list I had?

YEAH, about that - here's what we got done...

[The Plan] this weekend we're going to:
- go to the florist and chat with him/finalize things
-wrap/bag wedding party gifts

-send the DJ our music requests [I did talk to him on the phone!]

-finalize the seating chart

-make signs [seating chart, food, bar, sign the guestbook]

- finalize the centerpieces

[The Plan] next week:
- make nail appts for the ladies
- pick up my wedding dress
- call the salon and doublecheck a few things
- finalize rehearsal dinner/rehearsal timing, menu, etc

- order alcohol for the rehearsal dinner

yeah, that's a big ole wedding FAIL. so here's my updated list for this week:
This Week I MUST:
- go to the florist and chat with him/finalize things
-wrap/bag wedding party gifts
-send the DJ our music requests
-make signs [seating chart, food, bar, sign the guestbook]
- finalize the centerpieces
- pick up my wedding dress
- call the salon and doublecheck a few things
- order alcohol for the rehearsal dinner

as always, wish me luck!

Friday, December 17, 2010

two weeks.

the wedding is in two weeks.
I think I'd be more excited if we weren't already married.
I would REALLY be more excited if I didn't have to work the next two weeks!

But, it's going to be great and I think I'll be more excited when our friends and family get here from out of town... now I just need to coordinate airport pickups and dropoffs.
oh boy.
lots to do in the next two weeks.... actually, a LOT to do this weekend.
this weekend we're going to:
- go to the florist and chat with him/finalize things
-wrap/bag wedding party gifts
-send the DJ our music requests
-finalize the seating chart
-make signs [seating chart, food, bar, sign the guestbook]
- finalize the centerpieces
next week:
- make nail appts for the ladies
- pick up my wedding dress
- call the salon and doublecheck a few things
- finalize rehearsal dinner/rehearsal timing, menu, etc
- order alcohol for the rehearsal dinner
and that's all that's left on our to-do list.... I'm actually feeling less overwhelmed now that I've written it all down but am also realizing I'm probably forgetting 100 things, and am starting to get anxious again, awesome.

wish me luck and send me calming thoughts.

in related news, it's crazy to think we've almost been married a year.
wow, time flies.
I love this picture of us telling grandma we got married on our [first] wedding day [1.1.10]

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

true story: wedding DJ

backstory: so we're having a live jazz band play for the dinner part of our reception and then a DJ [not my Danny J an actual Disc Jockey, haha] play for the last four hours... this was a compromise for both of us. At first Danny just wanted the jazz band - I wanted fun dance music too though - so now we have best of both worlds including an AWESOME DJ [we saw him at a wedding we went too and we knew instantly - he must be oooours].

anyways, enjoy the following correspondence I had with the DJ company today:

Hi Annahita,
Yes, I have adjusted your times to read 8:45 to 12:45. Are you almost ready to submit your music request list yet? No rush, as long as it's in by next week so Michael has at least 10 days to review everything.


Hi Becca,
We started last night but Danny and I have VERY different tastes in music so we agreed on two songs, and then just got frustrated and went to bed.

My goal is to have this done by the weekend - there will be lots of wine involved.

Wish us luck! ;)

Hi Annahita,
 Hahahahahahahaha! You are one of the first brides to be so brutally honest. I do wish you luck in creating your list. You can also call Michael and have him be part of the process if you like. He is a great resource for music. His cell phone number is 845-000-0000. [I changed the number because I know you want to stalk my DJ] 
Thanks Becca!

We'll definitely give him a call - I have faith he can find a great balance between Danny's taste [reggae, latin, jazz] and mine [terrible top 40 pop]. We went to a wedding Michael was the DJ for in October and we both loved the music (that never happens) so I'm not worried. :)
Take care,

becca probably thinks I'm on crack.
welcome to my life.

so cute it hurts....

he's the best dog ever.
cutest jabba the hutt out there.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

trial hair...

well if any hair appointment is going to go well you're going to want it to be your bridal trial (or better yet, your appointment on your actual wedding day). I was VERY happy with my bridal trial hair and makeup - the makeup I'm not so worried about because I can touchup adjust if need to (but I was very happy with the job done) - but the hair, I can't fix so I needed it to be right and it was!

Check you the pics from my trial at Michele's - Holly definitely took my pictures as inspiration and created a romantic yet fun look for me...


 in other news, 17 days until the wedding.
I keep knocking things off my to-do list left and right.
and I keep repeating to myself:
I will not become bridezilla
I will not become bridezilla
I will not become bridezilla.

wish me luck.

Monday, December 13, 2010

all I want for christmas...

DJ is starting his holiday shopping for me this weekend - the poor guy, what to do when your wife balances the checkbook and checks your joint checking online banking daily.... ouch. I suck. So, we're taking some cash out for him to go spend on me [yay]. So here's a little cheat sheet for him [and you - as always, feel free to send me gifts].

These also could be some good gift ideas, sooo check out my list and feel free to not only buy these for me, or yourself but friends and family too!

All I want for Christmas [and belated Hanukkah] is...

Glee: The Music, Volume 4 [$11.88] - I am loving the music this season and think that I need to own this CD [also acceptable iTunes gift card to purchase said CD]. Great for the Gleek in your family or social circle.

Flying Bulldog Tshirt from Mis Nopales Art Etsy Shop in slate or light pink [$17]

Comfy sleepy SOCKS. I love Bath and Body Works Shea Infused Socks [currently on sale for $5] - these are great stocking stuffers or small gifts for friends/female family members...
 The Blind Side on DVD or Blu-Ray.... yes I could get it off netflix anytime I wanted but I think I want to own this movie... I seriously cry though the whole thing but its just so darn heartwarming I LOVE it. Perfect for the sentimental sports fan in your life!

Now, these are out of our "budget" for this year but a girl can dream.....
**DJ take note so you can buy these for me when in the next five years OR when we win the lottery.... which is never, since we don't play.

Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti Letter A Pendent in Sterling Silver [$185]...
I've wanted this for years but couldn't bring myself to splurge on it - the one time I decided I was going to bite the bullet and buy it a few years ago I marched into Tiffanys to be told they only sold them online... ugh.

Nikon Nikkor - Lens - 50 mm - f/1.4 D-AF [$290]
Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras [$195]

what do YOU want for Christmas?

Friday, December 10, 2010


thanks for all your sweet comments, emails, messages, etc. yesterday...

I survived, I suppose I always do.

Yesterday went as well as could be expected. I think it was a good mix of being distracted and remembering... My sweet husband surprised me at work and came and picked me up and we went out to lunch. He's cute - I think he loves me, he made me be a same-side-seater [barf]. He brought me a cute tea set too, just because.

Then I finished out the day headed home, spent some QT with Oliver - went to Crossfit, which may have been a bad idea. I hadn't been in a week and my head just wasn't there. I did really poorly, but I must have gotten a workout because I'm super sore today! Then we headed out to dinner with friends where I ate my feelings [yessssss apple blueberry cobbler get in my stomach]. 

Came home, looked at pictures of my dad, snuggled with Ollie and read a great book.

I woke up today, and felt relieved. I know it's just a day but it is still one of the three days of the year that just make me anxious and sad [12/9, 3/2 [dad's birthday], and fathers day].

In other news, the wedding is three weeks away. WHAT?! um, now entering freak out detail zone.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

four years ago.

four years ago I felt like my world came crashing down on me after one phone call...

I got a call from the police in my hometown telling me my father had died and my mother needed me to come home. The officer then gave the phone to my mom who was hysterical as she was the one that had found him. Even as I write this four years later I can remember the surreal feeling of this can't be happening to me - he was my rock, my friend, my parent - my daddy.

I don't think I cried until I was on the plane a few hours later heading to Florida. I numbly packed with the help of my graduate assistant who had recently lost a grandparent who was nice enough to remind me to pack pictures and things that would remind me of him. My boss came over and brought me breakfast and just sat with me and helped. I had the support of a lot of people that day and I know that I couldn't have made it without them. That day also taught me the power of kindness from strangers - the man sitting next to me on my flight to Charlotte gave me tissues and asked me questions about my father and his life as I finally just lost it and bawled on the airplane.

When I got off the plane I honestly don't remember crying at all in Florida[ though I'm sure I did]. My mother was in shambles - she was so hysterical when the police came to the house that they asked her if we had guns in the house (which we did as my dad had antique rifles and both my parents loved going to the shooting range) and they confiscated them in fear that she'd hurt herself.  She was not herself for the next week, month, year.  I felt that I needed to be strong for her and show her that we would be okay and I didn't grieve - I think that was my biggest mistake and my one piece of advice to anyone who has loved and lost - grieve, cry, let yourself feel sad - the to-do list can wait. 

My amazing best friend Lindi took off work and drove to Fort Lauderdale from Jacksonville, FL to be there with me and my mom. It one of the nicest and most selfless things anyone has ever done for me. While I was trying so hard to be my mom's rock - she was my rock. I was and still am so lucky and so blessed to have her as a friend and sister. My eyes are filled with tears as I think about how I just felt better by her being there - her prescence by nature is calming and soothing and it was just what I needed during that week.  Even today as I write this Lindi and I are talking on gchat and she's grounding me by reminding me [in her words] "its a date. you are allowed to miss him each and every day and to be upset about it any time... but today marks 4 years. and its only a measure...i know its tough, trust me on that. but its just a humanly created measure of time -a year, i love you" I must have done something right in the first 17 years of my life to meet Lindi and be lucky enough to have her as my best friend... [but that's a whole other post].

I felt a lot of things that week - but I think the hardest and easiest part about it all was that it was so unexpected. Selfishly, I was so angry that I didn't have a clue it was coming - my dad woke up just like any other day and went into his office to start up the computer and check email... then he just closed his eyes and died. We didn't do an autopsy - the EMTs said it was probably a heartattack or a stroke. So - yes, the selfish part of me was so angry that I didn't get a chance to prepare or tell him all the things I woulda/coulda/shoulda or ask him all those burning questions I had for me. But, in all honestly, the smallest part of me knew it was better that way. My father was a strong and proud man - he wouldn't have wanted to be sick or it to be drawn out. I found out after the fact when looking at his will that he had a DNR (do not resisitate) order drawn out. He died a strong man who could take care of himself and who will be remembered for his strength and not a sickness. That's what he would have wanted. I know that.

With all that being said, I would give anything for one more day, one more hug, one more laugh, one more lopsided grin and just one more moment with my daddy.

I could write about this for days and days but I know this post is long enough already and I really don't want to start crying at work so I'll just say thanks for reading this novel of a post and leave you with this quote that I used in my dad's eulogy -

"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge -- myth is more potent than history -- dreams are more powerful than facts -- hope always triumphs over experience -- laughter is the cure for grief -- love is stronger than death” - Robert Fulghum
take the time today to love, for me - for my dad.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

bridal hair!

I'm going for my trial wedding hair and make-up appointment tonight and am getting super excited about it... I have a fairly good idea about what I want but am also open-minded. I'm just happy I'm getting a chance to work out the kinks a few weeks ahead of time - because I'm not REALLY good with this type of thing.

I cried almost everytime I had my hair done for prom or homecoming and I was the annoying bridesmaid that asked the hairstylist to redo my hair when I was in my friend Kelly's wedding... I'm just... a bitch particular.  For example, out of this article (25 fabulous updos to fit every style) - I only saw one updo that I liked (there were a few that were cute, but just not me... most were hanus).  Seriously, was it me or the article? Check it out and let me know....

SO - it makes me happy that on my wedding day I will have seen what the stylist wants to do and we'll have talked it out and there will be no surprises!

I like it when brides wear their hair down, especially if they have long beautiful hair - but mine is in the awkward length where I think it needs to be worn in an updo... but not a fancy updo - I really like the idea of a low bun, simple and classic.  As of right now I'm not planning on doing any flowers or bling, just a veil for the ceremony and pictures.... but that could change, who knows.

anyways, here's the good stuff - the pictures of what I'm thinking [duh]....

which one is your favorite?
[or are they all the same??]

send me good hair day vibes for tonight [and more importantly on NYE!]!

black & white wednesday...

feeling festive?
taken of the bottom limbs of our beautiful Christmas tree!

feeling angular?
taken in downtown Toronto when I was there last month on business...

check out more of this week's black and white photography here...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

wedding shoes blues.

don't worry I'm not having the actual blues about my wedding shoes - they actually are blue.

as I've already shared my something blue will be my shoes and sweet DJ will be wearing blue shoes too. I checked two big things off my massive "wedding to do list" today and ordered DJ's shoes and my shoe clips for my wedding...

danny's shoes...

my shoes....

shoe clips option #1:

shoe clips option #2:

I can't wait to try the shoe clips with the shoes and have that FINALLY checked off the "decision list" - phew!

Also, I know... DJ's shoes don't match my shoes (which [AHEM] I chose because that's the color he wanted...) and I'm 99.9% sure his shoes are also going to clash with his tie.... but I'm going to be okay with this [I keep repeating it to myself in hopes of it happening].

Last night I guilted him into getting black chuck taylors... but then I started feeling guilty because I knew that wasn't what he wanted to so I sucked it up and I'm going to deal with his clashing blue shoes and love it.... after a bottle glass of champagne I'm sure I won't even notice!

I know, I'm the best wife ever - someone give me an award!  

first snow!

Sunday was our first snow of the season so when we returned from NC we came home to a frozen tundra beautiful magical snow-capped mountains.... I kinda like the "white stuff" as long as the roads are clear and I don't have to shovel... and I have mittens on, and boots... and my feet don't get wet or my hands... okay, clearly, I'm a Florida girl... beach anyone? Danny loves it because it means one thing.... hockey season. Well, it's been nice having a husband, I can't wait to see him again in March....

Our little one is a little confused by the snow, aka I had to drag him out of the house this morning... I did snap a few shots via the iPhone of him "checking out" the snow (don't worry I didn't take any of the yellow snow).

I just love that little chubby pup.
by the way... if you think Oliver is getting "plumper" - he is...
DJ thinks he's too skinny and has been feeding him more.
yeah, that's going to stop soon.

stay warm puppies!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I flip my latkes in the air sometimes....

after a whirlwind 72 hours in NC - I am beat... I can't wait to share our trip with you but for now, Happy Hannakuh!

enjoy a laugh courtesty of The Maccabeats...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ollie and the Holiday Penguins...

one day soon I'll post pictures of all our holiday decorations around the house... but for now you get the penguins.

I love the penguins.
DJ tolerates the penguins.
I don't know how Oliver feels about the penguins...
but he has some pretty strong feelings about them!

I think he might be scared of them.... 

what are these furry things? do they want to play with me?

Ollie's "reaction" to the penguins... (sorry for the sideways view halfway through)

non-stop barking... until daddy gets home...

mooooom...... please get rid of those things!

seriously, I tried moving the penguins like four times within the living room (they're cute and festive and I like holiday decorations) but Oliver won't stop barking at them....

the penguins now live in the basement.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

black & white wednesday [lion's paw]

there's something about this photo that just draws me in.
I took it at the Boston Public Library during our trip a few weeks back...
check out more black and white photography here....

also, not black and white... or even great photography - just pretty darn cute... here's Oliver "adapting" to the new baby gates we got...

don't you just want to hug him?
[or clip his claws, don't worry, I'm doing that tonight!]

holiday card!

hooray holiday cards - here's the one we picked out - with our pictures in it... sorry for the lame quality. It's the best I could do at this point... Don't you love that pic of Oliver's cute ole face on top? I can't belive how little he is in the picture on the bottom right too, he's like a little stuffed toy in my lap!

I can't wait to get them, for now it's deciding which lucky 50 people get to receive this joyous card in the mail (because I was too cheap to order more).


wedding menu - yum yum!

Are you ready to get hungry?
Reading this menu makes me want it to be NYE already...
here's our wedding menu...
we tried to incorporate our favorite foods in a refined way...

Drinks upon arrival
Hot Cider


Hors d’oeuvres Stationary
Pizza with duck confit and fig balsamic glaze
Assortment of Maki rolls served with tamari dipping sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi


Main Course Buffet
Lobster mac & cheese with truffle oil
Braised short ribs Danielle style
Tandori Chicken*
Smashed roasted butternut squash with maple syrup & bourbon
Mesclun salad with goat cheese, candied pecans, red onion, tomato and balsamic vinaigrette
Artisan breads and lavasch with butter
[*the only thing not finalized.... but we're some sort of chicken?!]

Cheese Course Buffet
Artisan cheese with pears, apples, fig cake and crackers served with port

Dessert Buffet
Wedding cake [Lemon cake, raspberry filling, italian buttercream]
Petit fours
Coffees and teas

Clearly, I am not going to be one of those brides who doesn't eat at her own wedding...
I am determined, ready and EXCITED to eat ALL of this food....

what was your favorite menu item at a wedding? 

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