Friday, September 28, 2012

first day/night out...

super/duper overdue but believe it or not -- DJ and I have [both] in fact left PJ on her own [well with family] and had a date or two over the past few months... I just have been extremely slack and haven't shared them with you, oops. so for the sake of not forgetting myself and being able to look back on this for years to come [maybe? hah] here are our first "day" and "night" dates away from Ms. P.

first, we took our day trip at the end of July and went for a 8 mile hike at Fort Yargo... it was so nice to just "be" with one another, no distractions, no cell phones, just walked and talked - it was good for my soul... it might have also been good for my thighs [holy workout batman, I was sore for a few days!] - it definitely helped though I've probably lost another 10-15lbs since those pictures were taken!

then, at the end of august - we left PJ at home for the evening and headed to a wedding... it was a fun night with family and friends [pumping in the car in the parking lot, not so much - but you do what you have to do I suppose, hah].

so that's that - we're trying to balance this whole "new parent" thing with taking time for ourselves and each other - it's definitely challenging but I think as long as we continue to make it a priority we can make it happen.

what can I say, I love my silly man and sometimes I like to have him all to myself! speaking of loving DJ - I swear, we will finish "the story of us" at some point - if anything because I want to have it documented for Pen and if not then my SIL Summer will probably disown me [hi summer, I haven't forgotten!] -- but life [and work] are pretty swamped for DJ and I right now and it has just been put on the back burner a bit, yikes. soon enough my friends, soon enough.


Stephanie said...

I'm really glad you guys are taking time for yourselves, too. I've always believed that the relationship between parents is the core of the family and it's important to keep that relationship happy and nurtured. It's what Penny will model her adult relationships after and I love that you two are giving her such a great example to follow!

Mrs in Training said...

Date nights are so crucial for parents. Definitely make time for many more!!

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