Wednesday, January 19, 2011

borrrowed, blue, old & new... [bridal details]

I put a fair amount of thought into my something borrowed, blue, old and new - and then a little bit of it was just happenstance. These pictures are some of my favorites of the wedding because it highlights some items that are very important to me and that I wanted to be a part of our wedding.

Something Blue:
Well, my undies were my original something blue (lovely pair of unmentionables from two of my besties and bridesmaids Kelly and Lindsey) and also my shoes played a more "visible" role of my something blue.  Here are my shoes ($12 from Target), that I fancied up with shoe clips ($22.50 from Absolutely Audrey). Along with my bouquet that my bridesmaids, mom and I made ourselves!

Something Borrowed:
The majority of my jewelry was my something borrowed. I borrowed a beautiful pearl bracelet from my mother-in-law and earrings from one of my best friends and bridesmaids Lindsey (that she wore in her wedding). I opted not to wear a necklace to just keep the simple look that I was going for and to not detract from the detail of my dress.

Something Old
I wanted to have honor both my mom and dad on my wedding day and instead of buying a new purse I used one of my mom's vintage purses, which was just beautiful and perfect. Also, the idea of my wedding without my father was definitely a difficult one so I knew he had to be a part of it in many ways. One of the ways that I carried him with me was I carried his pocketknife [that he always had with him] in my pocket through the duration of the wedding. Not something super visible, but something close to my heart and special to me.

Something New:
So originally my something new was going to be my wedding dress but on the day before the wedding DJ surprised me with a beautiful diamond ring. I never had an engagement ring as we eloped and just exchanged wedding bands. When his mom was moving his grandmother from NJ to GA she found a diamond ring that belonged to DJ's Great Aunt and called DJ to see if he wanted to make a ring for me. They had been planning this for months and his mom had a beautiful ring made just for me and I can't even explain how touched I was by DJ and his family and their love and generosity. It was one of the most special moments of the wedding and I was genuinely surprised and still can't stop looking and my beautiful ring(s)....

So there they are my beautiful something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new! Now because I'm a picture junkie here are some of my other favorite "bridal detail" pictures - enjoy! :)


Smart Ass Sara said...

Well Matt's mom gave me a handkerchief for my old... and NOBODY knows where it is. She never actually handed it to me, said she would but walked away to do something. Yeah. So it's MIA. I think I'm the only one that knows it. :/

Shirley said...

I love that you carried your dad's pocketknife with you!

Nikki said...

I love the details. What a great way to incorporate something borrowed! Great idea!

Tiffany said...

I love all of your wedding pictures. you were a beautiful bride and your wedding looked amazing.

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