Sunday, November 18, 2012


I should be working (I know on a Sunday night, lame but I have a LOT to get done on this short week) but instead I felt called to blog, particularly since this week is one that is so near to my heart. three years ago this week I took a huge leap of faith, followed my heart and flew over 700 miles to go visit a friend. 

as cheesy as it sounds - I still remember the feeling that ran through my body, heart and soul when we saw each other for the first time when I got off the plane. I knew that instant that my life would be completely changed. I keep saying I'm going to finish our love story and I WILL, eventually. I just want to do it right instead of rushing to get it up just to finish it [and someone, ahem DJ - needs to write his sections... not that I've done mine, oops]. anyways, this post from two years ago feels like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time. I'm still overwhelmed with love for my sweet flannel wearing hippy.

any-the-ways, I figured I'd try something new and linkup with Neely on this chilly fall Sunday and share my list of what I'm thankful for this fall season -- I wish I could say my post will be as humorous and entertaining as Sara's post earlier this week [genius and amazing!] but my creativity is just not currently flowing... so here you go...

I am thankful for....
- coffee: oh the black tar aka the good stuff that gets my blood pumping and heart beating every morning... CAFFEINE I LOVE YOU.
- beer: after being pregnant and not drinking for almost a year I have come to appreciate a nice cold beer, it's definitely been my [daily] drink of choice lately!
- for la croix: thank you for giving my fix when I have my "fizzy" bubble cravings without being a real soda
- my snooze button: because on most mornings 6am just is not happening...
- for our bumbo: sorry penny but seriously, I cannot hold you ALL the freaking time!
- for my iPhone: little mini computer in my hand aka the ultimate distraction... I love you.
- for pacifiers: sometimes when nothing else will do you just need to do as my dad would say and "plug it up"
- for instagram: aka instamakeup... thanks for making me look better than I really do and for making my  lunch look cool.
- for google: thank you for giving the answers and making me seem smarter than I am
- for the James Patterson Women's Murder Club series: I want to be Lindsay Boxer
- for my fancy pants camera: for making me think I'm a better photographer than I really am
- for my job that offers me the flexibility to be a professional and the type of mom that I want to be without having to choose between the two or sacrifice [too much]
- for scarves: because who likes a cold neck?
- for oliver: thanks for the snuggles bud. you make me smile. you are my dream come true in a fat lazy little bulldog package.
- for my friends: you love me even if I'm a bitch.
- for my family: for just being you - I couldn't ask for a better support system of crazy quirky folks.
- for ms. penelope rose: for making a mommy, filling my heart with love and bringing a smile to my face [and lets get real for sleeping through the night starting at six weeks - THANK YOU for being a good sleeper and giving me the gift of SLEEP!]
- for danny j: for being my best friend, my partner, my love, the washer of my dishes [and bottles and breast pump parts], for walking the dog, being an amazing daddy [and for taking me as I am - for better and for worse... or lately, for bitchy or cranky, oops].

so that's that.
what are you thankful for?

**also, congrats to chelsea from The Curly Cues for winning my Shutterfly giveaway!**

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Sara said...

Love love love it! Couldn't agree more on so many of them ("my friends for liking me even if I'm a bitch" is genius).

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