Friday, November 2, 2012

eventful halloween week...

what have we been doing all week? wearing all of our halloween outfits, duh!
more pictures to come of our sweet little Penny in her halloween outfit/costume but these were too cute not to share right away... oh and big news -- guess who started SITTING UP BY HERSELF this week?!?!

that's right ---

that gal!
crazy huh??
time flies, I can't believe she's 5.5 months already.


Joanna said...

How adorable! Babies and Halloween outfits are too cute to handle. Kudos to your baby girl for sitting up by herself. I think these milestones are bittersweet. Babies grow too fast!

LWLH said...

She literally has a little pumpkin butt.....tooo cute.

dave and jenn said...

What a big girl! Look at her sitting up!

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