Sunday, December 30, 2012

Penny's First Chrismakkah Season!

that's right friends, this month Penelope celebrated her first Chrismakkuh season, here are the highlights...

first up, we went to DJ's parents house for their annual Hanukkah party, Penny rocked a huge headband, so silly but I loved it AND she had her first taste of latkes [she loved them, just like her mama and daddy]...

Penny and I also went to the Botanical Gardens and saw the lights! Such a fun night (though someone was a little sleepy)...

 Penny was also my date to my work holiday party... she was quite the hit!

enjoyed sleeping in with me (and cuddling with her pup) during our vaca (we're both home from school for two weeks!)

then we took PJ to meet the big guy, yup, SANTA! she was clearly, not impressed... oh well, she was still on the nice list, I promise!

from there, we woke up on Christmas morning and celebrated Penny's first Christmas!

so there you have it. it was a ton of fun - PJ was definitely more interested in the boxes and tissue paper than the actual gifts but it was so great to celebrate the holidays with HER, she truly made the whole season more meaningful, exciting and special. we're so excited to mark another "first" off the list - and now onto plan her valentines outfits ;)

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Marty said...

Your little girl is such a doll! And you dress her so cute!

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