Friday, July 12, 2013

penny's first birthday party: food & decor

Penny's first birthday party was one of the most fun parties I've ever planned. We didn't want to do something outrageous, and lets be real, Penny isn't at the age where she really plays with other kids and will remember the party so it was really for us. BUT, all the same, we wanted to have a celebration. So we had originally planned a picnic with family and close Atlanta friends, but unfortunately the weather did NOT cooperate. So, we were nimble and hosted the party in our apartment. It was tight, but fun. We didn't have a real "theme" just wanted to go along with the bright colors that we had picked for her room/style (or at least what I think her style is, hah).

so, without further adeau -- Penny's bright, fun and festive first birthday! 

thanks to the amazing Aliya Rinaldi  Designs for the invites -- we loved them! (I highly recommend her for any and all of your invite/design needs)

bright colors incorporated into the napkins, straws, etc.

rainbow cake! yes -- I'm insane and made two of them, one for the cake smash/photoshoot and one for her party. in retrospect, I wish I would have made rainbow cupcakes for the party but you live and learn [[many thanks to Penny's amazing Godmother Tiffani for helping me with both cakes, and let's get real, most if not all of the food]]

pink lemonade cupcakes... 

party food! mini sandwiches, fruit kabobs, chocolate dipped pretzel rods, fruity pebbles/rice krispie treats, chips and salsa...

mini fruit kabobs and a mimosa bar (few types of champagnes and juices in pitchers)

beers for the non-mimosa drinking adults and izzies for the kids [and Oliver]...

...and P's favorite -- bubbles as favors! [[fun fact, Penny said "bubbles," her first non mama/dada word AND walked seven steps for the first time on her actual birthday]]

so there you have it! such a blast and I can't wait to plan P's next party... only ten months of planning. ;) I'll post pictures of the birthday girl enjoying her party next (aka soon)!


jessica said...

this is amazing! pink lemonade cupcakes?! uh yum! the cake, invites, decorations..everything looked so gooood!

oh and i totes love penny's style. those teeny tiny hot pink tennis shoes she has are freakin adorable.

dave and jenn said...

I can't believe Miss Penny is already one! Love all the party details and your bright yellow kitchen! Happy belated birthday, Penny!

Anna said...

Meeeep! I am so glad you're back!

Also, please make me that cake ASAP.

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