Tuesday, December 7, 2010

first snow!

Sunday was our first snow of the season so when we returned from NC we came home to a frozen tundra beautiful magical snow-capped mountains.... I kinda like the "white stuff" as long as the roads are clear and I don't have to shovel... and I have mittens on, and boots... and my feet don't get wet or my hands... okay, clearly, I'm a Florida girl... beach anyone? Danny loves it because it means one thing.... hockey season. Well, it's been nice having a husband, I can't wait to see him again in March....

Our little one is a little confused by the snow, aka I had to drag him out of the house this morning... I did snap a few shots via the iPhone of him "checking out" the snow (don't worry I didn't take any of the yellow snow).

I just love that little chubby pup.
by the way... if you think Oliver is getting "plumper" - he is...
DJ thinks he's too skinny and has been feeding him more.
yeah, that's going to stop soon.

stay warm puppies!


Brittany said...

ALl my FL friends have statuses like "Baby its cold outside.." Or "Burrr!" and I laugh.. because I know what they are talking about.... 30-40 degrees SEEMED cold...

but then..

I moved back to the north pole.. aka: Minnesota.. and realized, that was NOTHIN! This - negative shizzzzit sucks! but the snow is pretty :) I think I'll keep it til the day after Christmas, then it can all go away :)))

Nikki said...

I love the one of you and Ollie with your red boots! He cracks me up. I was telling my Husband about the penguins last night.

bullie_mama said...

Oh Oliver you are such a heartthrob! I LOVE the snow myself. In fact, my mom took lots of videos of me playing in the snow. I must say, I'm pretty cute. You and I should be boyfriend - girlfriend. ;-)
-Weezer (and mama Sara)

Smart Ass Sara said...

I hate snow. Have I ever mentioned that?? ;) Poor Oliver looks kind of pissed about being in the snow. He needs doggie booties!

amy said...

I think snow is BEAUTIFUL....but I couldn't live where it snowed all the time. Thank God it only snows about every few years in Austin!!!

I know I say this in every comment but I can't help myself...

I WANT YOUR DOG!!! Please can I have him????? (I said please?) :)

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