Wednesday, December 1, 2010

holiday card!

hooray holiday cards - here's the one we picked out - with our pictures in it... sorry for the lame quality. It's the best I could do at this point... Don't you love that pic of Oliver's cute ole face on top? I can't belive how little he is in the picture on the bottom right too, he's like a little stuffed toy in my lap!

I can't wait to get them, for now it's deciding which lucky 50 people get to receive this joyous card in the mail (because I was too cheap to order more).



Nikki said...

It turned out great! Way to work the system...they wanted you to order more and that's how they hook you!

Smart Ass Sara said...

Adorable! One year we did these cards. And I ordered 10. And then I copied them onto photo paper on my own printer. I'm probably going to hell.

amy said...

So cute!!!

PS. I saw your post about the Shutterfly promotion and I signed up to do it too!! Thanks for the tip!

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