Thursday, March 17, 2011

how you doin'?

so we have a new family tradition, on wednesday and thursday nights DJ and I watch American Idol with this folks.. it's crazy that we can get DJ to sit down and actually watch TV - let alone reality TV but he does! I haven't watched Idol in years but this season has been pretty fun.. I'm loving Casey and Scotty! Lauren is my favorite girl - we just need her mom to find some age appropriate clothes [I can't find pictures, but when I do - they will be shared]... and is it just me or does Stefano remind you of somebody...

I don't care what anyone says... Stefano is Joey Tribbiani! Last thing about idol - I was having a slight panic attack while watching last night when that poor girl Haley got lipstick on her teeth and face... thank God Ryan has a heart and told her/tried to fix it. I was SO uncomfortable and felt so bad for her I couldn't even look at the screen... [watch the video and see for yourself here]

In other news - I haven't watched this week's Glee and I'm going slightly batty.

onto important life happenings, the men is my family aren't doing too well - DJ is sick [so sick we called an ambulance yesterday] - don't worry all his vitals were fine, he's going to urgent care today to have some tests run so hopefully we can find out whats going on with him [send him healthy thoughts]. Oh, and something NOT good is up with Ollie's paw... it's all swollen and red. AND his face is breaking out [Ollie's not DJ] -- I'm officially the worst wife/puppy mom ever. My men are falling apart - isn't it my job to take care of them? 

here they are last night all snuggled up in bed...
even when they're sick, they're still cute, huh?

[can you believe I talked about TV before this?? pretty shallow, huh? OOPS]


Kristin said...

poor babies! hope they get better soon!!

Aimee said...

Aww I hope they feel better soon,

I havent watched American Idol in years. Ever year i say that Im going to ad I just forget.

Nikki said...

Poor babies! I hope everyone is feeling top notch soon and doing okay. Send DJ up to his Mommy. That's what I want when I'm sick.

Happy St. Paddy's day dear!

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