Tuesday, August 10, 2010

say yes to the cheese [wedding cake]

first crepe wedding cakes now cheese wedding cakes... when I saw this post on Cup of Jo I had to repost... DJ and I are doing a cheese and port course at our wedding and how perfect would this be...
{this last one is the "88" cheese wedding cake... how amazing is that?!}

all images are from here - also where you can buy these yummy cakes {The Cheese Shed}if you're over the pond... I'm going to spend the rest of my day dreaming about these yummy cakes and deciding what cheese I would put in each layer... definitely a Delice... mmm melts in your mouth! 

what cheeses would you use?


Nikki said...

Well...you've officially found your way into my heart. Can I get an invite to your wedding? I'll be that guest no one knows hogging the cheese table.

Brittany said...

ummmm yes please!

now I just want some crackers and a big stack of that in front of me PRONTO!

asj said...

I know, it's amazing... I thought my weightwatchers string cheese would make my cheese cravings go away.. not quite.

Nikki - you are so invited, you just get yourself a new years eve party dress and a plane ticket to fly across the country!

Jordan Streetman said...

Oh my gosh, if only you knew my love for cheese this looks heavenly!

Jordan Streetman said...

ps you changed you url and I couldn't find your blog i thought you had deleted it :(

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