Tuesday, August 17, 2010

yuck... and yay!

came home sick from work and low and behold DJ's car was in the driveway... we're both sick and it's NO fun. I feel like one sick puppy....

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{image via here}
the AMAAZING Brittany from Unexpected Surprises did a spotlight on me today! She's super sweet and has a GREAT blog with lots of fun stuff, hilarious stories, and adorable pictures of her cutey-patootey-son Aidyn! Check out the spotlight and her blog! :)

promise new adorable pics of the pup tomorrow [when I'm hopefully feeling better] and pics from this weekend's zucchini festival [I know, you're on the edge of your seat!]

til then - hope you're feeling better than me today!


Brittany Nolan said...

stopping by from Brittany's spotlight feature! :) I'm lovin' your dog. My hubs wants a bulldog SO bad! he is gonna die when I show him your sweet Oliver! :)

Syndal said...

Stopping by from Unexpected Surprises! love your blog and your name!

Aimee said...

Sucks that your sick. I think something is going around because everyone around me is sick except me... Knock on wood

I will check out your blog some more. Looks pretty cool :) Im glad brittany spotlighted you.

Nicole said...

stopping by from Unexpected Surprises. Cute puppy! I'm a new follower, come check me out :) tnicolej.blogspot.com and that sounded really weird... check my blog out ;)

Maritza said...

Stopping by from Unexpected Surprises...I feel your pain! I'm sick, too. Feel better!

jules said...

Checking you out from Brittany's blog! She spotlighted me earlier in the week too. Isn't she fun!

Anyway, hope you're feeling better soon. I've got to hear about the zuchinni festival. I love squash. Now i'm off to hear about your cutie dog and more!

Kendra said...

Hi, I'm your newest follower. I'm Stopping by from Unexpected Surprises

V said...

New to your blog :) Just lovely... and better sick with a love then all by yourself. Feel better.

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