Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gwinnett International Farmers Market

This weekend we finally ventured out to the Gwinnett International Farmers Market [right of I-85 Pleasant Hill Exit] and were not disappointed! We headed over to get a few ingredients for our Asian Meatloaf [recipe coming soon] and were blown away. First off, this market is extremely inexpensive, I was very happy with their produce prices as well as their dry goods. They have a great variety of produce, seafood, Latin and Asian food products. If you're cooking any Latin/Asian food and there is a "hard to find" ingredient in the recipe, I guarantee it you can find it here!

we also grabbed a quick lunch at their "food court" and were equally impressed. We got Korean Pork [with soup, rice and kim chi for $5.99] and Fried Dumplings [12 for $4.99] and had to take leftovers home because the portions were so big.  The food was fresh and tasty and we're already planning on what we're going to get the next time we go...

all in all a successful trip to the Gwinnett International Farmers Market and we can't wait to go back!


Lindsay said...

psyched for football...are you nervous about GA being your first SEC game? I'm nervy about some of ours...we play bama then lsu then auburn and GA!!!

Nikki said...

YUM! It all looks so good!

Jen said...

Did they have A LOT of tomatoes? We never did find tomatoes to can for sauce. I have never heard of this place,I def. need to go.

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