Friday, September 16, 2011

marta musings...

so I've become quite the public transportation guru lately... well, not really, but I ride it to and from work every day so I've picked up on a few random things.
first, let me explain the MARTA situation... as I've shared DJ and I are so fortunate because we can carpool to work together [aka we get to use the HOV thank the LORD]. we make the horrendous commute about 45 minutes to Atlanta [aka inside-the-perimeter] DJ drops me off at the MARTA stop that's like two miles from his office, I ride around five stops and walk a few blocks to my office - then in the evenings same thing except reversed (funny how that works out, hah). so that's around ten train trips a week for me (except when DJ is sweet and comes and picks me up from work... AKA when it's dark outside and I tell him he has no choice ask nicely).  now a lot of people I know are sketched out by the MARTA (yes, it can be sketchy at times but I've never not felt safe - I just play it extra safe and choose not to ride it at night by myself).

here are my tips for an enjoyable MARTA/train/public transportation experience:

  • avoid eye contact [I hate when strangers talk to me]
  • always, always, ALWAYS wear headphones... this one took me awhile since I'm usually reading on my kindle. then one day I realized it makes it even harder for people to try and make conversation when you can pretend you can't hear them
  • when you do listen to music put your iPhone/iPod/mp3 player on shuffle... it makes the train ride so much more entertaining [exert from yesterdays playlist: fat boy slim, enchanted soundtrack, phish, the killers, ben folds, eminem... tell me that's not amazing?!]
  • feel free to also listen to your music while walking down the street from the train station to your destination in a big city - it helps me attempt to bring to reality my dream of my life being a disney musical. [don't judge, it could happen]
  • almost every morning without fail 5 different people are hacking up their lungs on the train: hand sanitizer... lots of it. hold your breath if possible.
  • don't eat on the train [did you not read the last one - everyone is coughing and sneezing, you don't want to open your mouth more than necessary]
  • walk with a purpose - there is nothing more annoying than lazily walking down the stairs to find the train doors closing in your face
  • if there is a pregnant woman that gets on the train and you're sitting, GET UP -- it baffles me how many people don't do this [don't worry, I hardly ever sit so this has never happened when I was sitting or trust me I would]
  • don't be an a-hole and put your bag down as a seatholder... especially when there are 20 people standing because there are no seats - this goes along with the last one - be a decent human being, come on.
  • avoid eye contact. it's a big one, it needed to be mentioned twice.
  • perfect the art of taking a picture with your cell phone inconspicously... I still haven't mastered this one but it's a must - you never know what you're going to see... especially when comic-con is in town -- 
I almost got a good one of this zombie/anime/I have no clue what she was but she was a trip. 
also, yes I was sitting on this train ride - no there were no pregnant women standing.

do you ride public transportation?
what are your helpful tips?


Anna said...

Oh my gosh I cannot imagine a commute that long! I have to be at work by 9 and I leave my house at 8:55. Hahaha.

I used to be so good at public transportation when we lived in Europe. That's ALL they use there. Here....not so much.

whitney said...

yeah...i don't love the marta. or the metro here. but i love these tips. the best one is get up! i hate when there are tons of people sitting and i am standing there. i mean i am a lady. they should always get priority. people in the 'north' don't get that.


Curly Girl Confessions said...

I wish we had good public transit system because I would ride it everyday! Amen to the pregnant person needing to sit down...unreal how people only think of themselves. Cheers to Monday!

Jen said...

Great tips. I have only ridden marta maybe 4 times total with other people.

Wiz said...

Ahhh the good ol MARTA. I have ridden it several times in ATL. I will admit that it sketches me out a bit but love your tips!

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