Thursday, September 1, 2011


welp, it's been an quite an eventful week over in our neck of the woods! so here goes the cliff notes version....

guess who got a new job this week??
that guy.
DJ's been freelancing since we got to GA and has been doing really well for himself, but just he landed himself a fulltime gig at a local start-up! this guy, I swear - he hasn't written a resume since he graduated college and people just keep offering him great jobs. I guess it helps to be extremely charming and good at what you do [and have an amazingly supportive and beautiful wife... maybe? no? well, worth a shot]. he took a big risk to follow his heart and change career paths to do what he loved and it's paying off... so proud of you jiggs!

guess who went to their first MLB baseball this week?? meeeeee! 
that's another thing checked off the 30 before 30 list! DJ's friend Joey called us and said he had some extra tickets to the Braves v. Nationals game on Tuesday and offered them to us... so a group of us headed to Turner Field and watched the game. High: Great seats! Right behind the Nationals Dugout and a spontaneous night out with friends. Low: The Bravos lost and I didn't get any cotton candy. sad day. I'm excited to go to see them play again on the 12th vs the Marlins! here are some pictures from the game....

guess who is going to try not to eat meat for the next month??
yup. this gal.
[definitely not that dog...and yes, I am wearing shorts - thanks for asking]
yup. 30 days: no meat allowed. they say it takes 30 days to make or break a habit. when we were in the berkshires, we didn't eat a lot of meat at all, and when we did it was grass-fed and almost always local so we knew were it was coming from and that it wasn't loaded with chemicals or hormones. since we've been in GA I can't say that's the case. not that I eat a lot of meat, but I'm not sure it's the quality that I really want to be eating.  not to mention, I know there a lot of health benefits that come from not eating meat so why not see how my body handles it? I mean, if it's good enough for Bill. who knows, after 30 days I could not want it anymore - or I could immediately scarf down a bacon cheeseburger. either way, I tried something out.quite honestly, I think I'm going to miss sushi the most. pescatarianism anyone? maybe I'll do that after my meatless month. I know some people may think it's silly, but whatever, as bobby says - it's my prerogative.

...and lastly, guess who is still ridiculously cute and spoiled??
[couldn't leave Ollie out now could we??]

lastly, SO excited for college football starting today!!!! 
aaaaaaaaaah dafkljsdfjkld 
that was me being really excited.


Curly Girl Confessions said...

Congrats to your hubby!

AND- Hook 'Em! I am so excited to wake up and watch College Gameday on Saturday.

Anna said...

I'll just eat enough McNuggets for the both of us. Don't worry.

And I feel like Bella and Ollie might have the same dog bed??? Except you can barely tell hers is cream on the inside because of all the dark dog hair.

Maybe I should wash it..........

And yay for DJ's new job!

Yall should come to an Augusta GreenJackets game. Was going to a minor league game on that 30before30 list? =P

whitney said...

so instead of writing "braves" you wrote "bravos"...i think someone needs a new tv networks?!

haha. i am glad that the nats won. and we aren't awesome.

anyway, good luck with no meat. i have faith you can do it. i hope you like tofu. i've got some good recipes for you if you want them!!


oh, yeah...GO GATAS

Whitney Ellen said...

Woohoo, go DJ!!!

If you need any help with doing the vegetarian thing, let me know! I've been a veggie for almost 2 years and can give you a pretty good idea of foods to eat if you're craving meat!! Morning Star corndogs are probably my most favorite thing EVER!!

amy said...

That last pic of Ollie is ridiculously cute!!!

Jen said...

I don't love real sushi, but I love vegetable sushi and it might help with the cravings of that. Congrats to your husband on the job. Are you not going to be car pooling anymore?!

Nikki said...

I'd totally have to be a pescatarian. Good luck!

Cassandra said...

I've never tried to not eat meat.. I will have to try that sometime!

Congrats on DJ's job!!! How wonderful!!

And a Braves game?! Sweet!!

Also- does Ollie love that bed or what?! Ha! Is this his first bed? Does he chew on it at all? Do y'all still put him in a kennel while y'all are gone?

Nikki said...

I forgot to say congrats to your wonderful hubby as well! I was focusing on your diet yesterday ;)

Wiz said...

You and your hubby are SO cute together! And as always, love the pictures of Oliver :)

Lil' Woman said...

They look like awesome seats but boo for no cotton candy! :)

Good luck with the no meat.

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