Wednesday, August 1, 2012

penny: one month old!

well. I figure better late than never - here is our Sweet Pea at one month old...
crazy to think how much bigger she already is at the time that I'm posting this... aka seven weeks later, oops. our sweet pea had a great first month - she was [and still is] super healthy, was growing like a weed and was just as snuggly as can be.

she was [and still is] happiest when someone was [is] holding her, this month we started out on a great sleep schedule and she was sleeping good four hour stretches at night and was just as perfect as ever.

Penny very quickly became the light of her daddy and my eyes and to say we were [and are] smitten is an understatement. She's our Sweet Pea, our Penelope Rose, our Pen, Pen-Pen and due to her hearty appetite this month she earned the title of milk-monster.

so that's that - more on Penelope's next month coming soon - considering it's already happened - oops!

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