Monday, August 20, 2012

penny: three months old!

just when you thought she couldn't get any cuter... 
I added some ruffly bloomers and BAM.
cuteness overload.

oh my sweet, sweet pea - you are three months old and the sweetest little girl that has ever lived. your giggles and smiles warm my heart in a way nothing ever has. you love to kick your legs and clap your feet (especially when I sing our song while you do it -- video of this coming soon). you still haven't rolled over or found your feet, you're content just hanging out. you've gotten so much better at sitting up and your neck control is definitely stronger. you went on your first roadtrip this month and first trip to the beach. you still love your milkies and can out-eat the best of them! you weigh somewhere around 12lbs and you are still long as ever, you've pretty much outgrown everything 0-3 months in length and are definitely [heightwise] filling out your 3-6 month clothes. you are also turning into a little drool monster - between you and your furry brother oliver, we have quite the drooly family! speaking of oliver, you're becoming more aware of him - not quite interested, definitely not afraid. he gets all in your face and licks your ears and you squeal but don't really upset, just confused. you still are sleeping like a champ, just giving us a little more of a problem with naps. you still love your baths and you're overall just the sweetest little thing ever. words can't describe how much your daddy and I love you. you and I are starting to settle into our new routine (just in time for it to change again - but more on that later). you are so wiggly when I wake you up in the morning but then are so smily after your changed and full.

I love my sweet little rose - thanks for being so amazing, your daddy and I love you more than words could ever describe. 88 little princess.


Amanda Nicole said...

You have such an amazingly beautiful baby! Glad that Oliver doesn't upset her! When I was a baby I was so attached to any dogs in my life!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

I. die. She is the cutest baby! :)

Brittany said...

Such a cutie! Those blue ruffles were too adorable

Carolyn said...

I just found your blog... and I just HAD to comment on how adorable your little girl is! So cute! I love the ruffly bloomers! :) So cute! New follower!

dave and jenn said...

Cuteness overload is right. But she could have accomplished that even without the ruffley bloomers. :)

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