Thursday, September 23, 2010

something blue....

seriously. how difficult is it to find pretty blue flats in a 9.5 for my wedding?
clearly. pretty difficult... least when you can't agree with your husband about what shade of blue to buy (can you believe he cares? it's amazing)

then I found these:

funny story actually... I bought them awhile ago [for this exact purpose] and forgot about them, I mean they were only $12.99 and originally I thought no, but then found them when I was cleaning out my office/guest bedroom and realized they were the color that DJ wanted and that I could fancy them up with some rhinestone shoe clips!

Here are some of my favorite shoe clips (that are also budget-friendly).... what do you think?

my only fear is that I'll buy a pair of shoe clips, get them, try them on the shoes and not like them and no be able to return them.... thoughts?


Nikki said...

Cute! Love the color. I actually prefer them without a clip, but I guess it depends on the dress. Is it simple and needs some dressing up?

asj said...

It's definitely simple but has some embellishment... I feel like without some fancying up a bit the shoes wont go with the dress. Does that make any sense? We'll see...

Kevin Michael said...

I say go with electric blue. He'll be blown away at how loud your feet are.

bullie_mama said...

I love the white clips, but it might be a crazy contrast to the blue...
(pic #3)
So maybe the silver ones would be better/less of a contrast?
I like pic #2.


Aimee said...

I love shoe clips. I only discoveed them after reading (stalking) wedding blogs. (yes I am not engaged and I know I have a problem)

I like all the ones with pearls. I think it will be very classy indeed.

Brittany said...

I love.

I think that you're going to like them..

and if not..


Kattrina said...

Love the shoes and love the clips! I say go for it - and if you don't like them I'm sure you can use them for something else. I had blue shoes for my wedding too!

Oh, My Darling said...

Ooh, super-cute! Loving the first shoe clip especially, that's a great idea.

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