Friday, November 25, 2011

15 weeks...

hey hey, 15 weeks down [almost] 25 to go! it's crazy to think in 5 weeks I'll be halfway through this pregnancy, somedays I feel like I just found out I was pregnant, these 15 weeks really have flown by.

this week was a trying one when it came to my pregnancy, I ended up leaving work early on monday and spent tuesday and wednesday unexpectedly at home due to some major back pain. I ended up getting bounced back and forth on monday afternoon between my OB and Urgent Care [luckily they're in the same building] and finally got some answers - apparently I'm having SI Joint Pain which usually doesn't come until later in pregnancy - lucky me, such an overachiever it's coming early and will only get worse. Oh and I'm probably going to have back labor - what fun?! Anyways, thanks to lots of rest, heating pad and muscle relaxers [that are okay to take when I'm preggo] I'm feeling much better.  We also unexpectedly got to hear the fetal heartbeat on monday so that was a nice reminder that baby j is doing great!

overall, things are going along just swimmingly, I'm definitely showing but I still think I just look chubby rather than pregnant, DJ is being awfully sweet and keeps telling me I just look pregnant and have only gained weight in my belly [he's sweet to lie isn't he?!]

here's the 15 week breakdown:
  • Baby J is the size of a navel orange! 
  • SI Joint Pain: unbearable at first and now manageable
  • Apples eaten: probably close to 100
  • Pants worn without an elastic waistband: ZERO
  • Weddings baby j officiated [or at least was present when I did, haha]: ONE [pictures of the wedding coming soon, I promise!]
  • Thanksgiving dinners eaten: one [and one amazing leftover sandwich]
  • Hours spent black friday shopping: 8
  • Books Read: 7

other than that....
- I can finally eat anything and am not living off carbs and ginger ale! oh fruits and veggies how I've missed you!
- SO ready to start feeling baby j wiggling around in there!

still no bump pictures but I will leave you a snapshot of what my 15th week has looked like...
[thanksgiving day, pregnant ladies doing what they do best: napping waiting for dinner!]


Lil' Woman said...

Napping is the best :)

Nikki said...

wait...I'm not prego and I napped before dinner. Or in between dinners really...

Wiz said...

Love the picture! And so sorry you were in pain but glad you are feeling better!

Lost&Found said...

Congratulations! I just found your blog, so i'm a little late finding out :)

Summer said...

haha You should warn me when you post these kind of pics! And I'd like to point out I passed for a whole 4 minutes before Max started climbing on me. Not what I call a nap!

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