Tuesday, November 1, 2011


yeah. we weren't too festive around these parts this past weekend. DJ and his friend Will went to Helen to Oktoberfest and I headed out of town to a bridal shower... I came home exhausted and wasn't able to make any treats to take into work yesterday... sad.

sadly, we didn't dress-up so no costumes for us and no pumpkins were carved... I know we were lame, definitely pretty boring around these parts. we did break out ollie's red sox jersey so he was nice and dressed up for the trick or treaters...
yup. that's the excitement going on in my life right now, wrangling my bulldog into a jersey for the night. I also went dress shopping last night for the black tie wedding we're going to this weekend... I definitely bought three dresses [and returned two] last night - but I found a winner and I'm excited to wear it this weekend! only three sleeps until we head to the Florida for a nice long weekend... I'm so excited for some QT with my love, the beach and seeing my mom!

in other news, I can't believe it's already november... I haven't even started holiday shopping, AH.


Anna said...

Oh Ollie...the only one getting into the spirit of Halloween.

We didn't get a single trick-or-treater. NOT A ONE. Guess I have to eat all the candy on my own now.......damn.

Kristin said...

i made laila put on her bat costume for the tick or treaters. she loved it.

i seriously can't believe it's already november, crazy!!

whitney said...

thats all the excitement?! i think you can do better than that!

Wiz said...

Not lame at all! Sounds like a nice relaxing Halloween. Lovw the pics of Ollie!

Nikki said...

Such a loyal football fan that Ollie.

Lil' Woman said...

We didn't dress up or carve either...oh well, theres always next year.

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