Monday, November 21, 2011

back and beat...

I'm baaaaaaaaack. and exhausted. and blissfully happy. there's nothing like a wedding of two people you love [that truly love each other] to make you float on air for a few days. our weekend away was so amazing filled with great friends, adorable babies, fun games of phase10, late night laughs and lots and lots of love. but now we're back to reality for a few days before thanksgiving - I am so exhausted that it hurts to breathe - I'll tell you what, traveling when you're pregnant is pretty exhausting and I've done my fair share of it the past few months.

here's a short recap of our weekend in short fragmented sentences/statements: we landed late thursday night and just relaxed with lindsey and phil and caught up for a bit, then we crashed, woke up the next morning and had breakfast with sarah,  mike and christina - our breakfast was amazing [huuuge portions and great food, I highly recommend the Dixie Grill for breakfast if you're in Wilmington anytime soon].
then we had lunch with my old boss Larry at Flaming Amy's aka I was in sheer heaven. catching up with LW is always great as he can make you laugh like no other and he was giving DJ all sorts of "how to deal with a pregnant wife" and dad advice - it was just great. then DJ did some work and I ran some errands around town and grabbed coffee/chatted with my friends Christina and Kara - so great to just chat with old friends.  

that night DJ, Lindsey, Phil and I went over to Larry's and spent time with him and his wife and daughters - I've known his older daughter Emerson since she was born [she's five now] and it's amazing to me that she's not a baby anymore and truly is a little girl - she's the sweetest and cutest little thing [she also told us that the baby in my belly is a boy which made DJ love her even more]. We also got to spend some time with Harper LW's younger daughter  who I haven't spent a ton of time with but who I truly love also - she was such a trip all night, it's so funny the idea of nature/nurture -  how two kids raised in pretty much the same environment the exact same way can be so different. our visit was supposed to last an hour or so and we ended up staying and talking for hours that we stayed right through dinner and ended up just getting Indochine takeout on the way home and eating on the couch in our PJs - all in all, such a success.

saturday I woke up and headed out to Josh's parents house to have breakfast with him and Tiff and make flowers with the bridal party - we made some beautiful bouqets [pictures coming soon] and then went out to get manicures and lunch. I went back to campus and rested for a bit before DJ and I ventured out to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner - which were both a blast. 
then, sunday was the wedding day! all the pictures we took are on my Nikon which are home but I'll get those up ASAP - the wedding was just perfect and Josh and Tiffani were so happy. I felt good about my "officiating" and was so relieved when I was done that I could cry [tears of happiness] as I was holding them back the entire ceremony! more on the wedding soon -- off to knock some more things off my three-day work week to-do list... more on baby j and hopefully a baby bump picture tomorrow! :)


Nikki said...

Cutness! Glad you had fun and are excited for kids. Sometimes after I spend time with them I'm thrilled to be leaving. But I suppose you're a little too deep for that now huh? ;)

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

THat baby is presh!! And so are you with your little bump!! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Glad you had a great time! :)

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