Monday, April 16, 2012

35 weeks!

this pregnancy is clearly flying by.... 

I'm on the last day of my 35th week of my first pregnancy
 ...a pregnancy that could be over - resulting in a baby...
any. day. NOW. 
whoa. [wait, I already said that]

so yes, today is the last day of my 35th week and marking the "less than a month" point [29 days!!!] til my due date...

let's get real - my pregnancy has been a really easy and fairly painless one. everything has been normal, on track and I haven't had [too many] complaints... things are still great, don't get me wrong but I have officially hit the point where I am ready to not be pregnant -- as my nurse told me today, it's downhill from here until the baby comes [gee, thanks]. not only am I huge [HUUUGE] but I am very uncomfortable [HUUUGE] and getting nice and swollen [HUUUGE]. Braxton hicks has officially started and I have these fun bruises popping up all over my body [strange].  my legs/feet are killing me and did I mention I'm huge?

now, with all that being said - I am so grateful that I'm healthy and that sweet pea is seeming to be right on track. I had my 35 week appt today and it went great, everything was normal and my midwife checked sweet pea's position and great news - she's head down! AND she seems to be "pretty far down there" [her words, not mine] so we're definitely on track! I'm going back on Monday [a week from today] and we're getting an ultrasound to see how big sweet pea is. Such a great surprise as I didn't expect to have another ultrasound for the rest of my pregnancy [I'm trying to be optimistic and not think something seems odd and that's why we're having one].

it was a busy 35th week - we spent lots of time with friends and family for DJ's 30th birthday [recap coming soon], that partnered with a hectic hectic week at work, not feeling too hot and yes - you guessed it, being huge - made it a tough [but fun] week. 

so here are this week's "stats" --
  • sweet pea is over 18 inches long and should be weighing a little over 5lbs [so exciting that we should have a better idea on this next week]!
  • The "fruit/vegetable" of the week is a honeydew melon! which I picked up at the grocery store this weekend and marveled at that fact that "one" is inside me!
  • baby j is pretty much done developing - now her biggest job in there is to put on weight!
  • number of ankles I have: ZERO. no seriously. no ankles... two big ole honey baked hams that are attached to big ole fred flintstone feet. FUN.
  • sweet pea has been wiggling all over the place this week, the movement definitely feels different as she's getting bigger and I've been able to see "points" in my stomach from her feet/knees/elbows - it's CRAZY.
  • number of hospital bags packed this week: zero! oops - I will pack my bag this week! any suggestions for "must-haves" and/or "things you brought that you didn't need" -- ??
forgive for a lack of a real "bumpin' bump" this week - I have no motivation... therefore, enjoy these pictures from this weekend which I think do a pretty good job of showing my large and in charge-ness....

35th week snapshots.... getting the nursery all setup - nesting is in full force, painted my nails a fun purple color [new from this months birchbox!], books for sweet pea and the newest additions to the making of a baby divided...
and of course - we couldn't have a weekly post without a dose of Oliver cuteness... this is pretty much how I felt this week....
35 weeks down - 29 days to go!
so so so close! 
can't wait! :)


Anna said...

Um, you look amazing in that yellow top and skinnies...I hope I look that cute when I'm 8 months preggo.

Would Danny kill me if I sent you some FSU kicks for Baby J? lol

____j said...

It's not weird that they scheduled you another ultrasound. They did the same thing with me [and I was a little worried, too] but they just wanted to make sure she wasn't gaining too much weight [bc I was measuring farther along than I should have been]. Also, don't get freaked out if she stops moving so much the last two weeks..she's just running out of room. That happened to me and of course it was at a time when bad things were happening on Secret Life [I just realized that sounds ridiculous]. Long story short, the nurses in L&D were on speed dial the last few weeks.

Maria said...

You look great! And yes, those last few weeks are no fun. But it's so exciting to know she's almost here. Also exciting: the big NAME reveal! Can't wait...
Go Gators ;)

Nikki said...

Look at you in your trendy neon and toms, adorable! A honeydew? Holy moly...ouchie ;)

Wiz said...

You look precious!! I have a funny story about the hospital bag! I had it all packed and ready to go. I had a list on top with things that couldnt be packed until the last minute because we were still using them. I was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital and was told I would be induced the following morning at 38 weeks. My husband was in charge of getting the back that night. He got it, saw this list, saw toiletries and packed HIS, not mine. So be very specific in anything you need your husband to pack ha!!

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