Thursday, April 12, 2012

third trimester must haves...

so here it is - the final installment of my "trimester must haves" - this one was definitely the most challenging to write as I feel like I've shared all the "tricks" to my pregnancy but here are a few things that have kept me sane for the last few months of my pregnancy.... [other than the things I've already shared]

1. my TOMs - really, they don't have to be TOMs (though I love mine) but slip-on comfy shoes were definitely key to the last trimester... my feet luckily haven't gotten two swollen [yet] but bending over to tie my shoes or adjust them is definitely not comfortable.

2. nursing bras -- wireless nursing bras have become my friend the past few months -- the "girls" have been growing, growing, GROWING - so wearing a bra 24/7 has become pretty necessary [though not enjoyable]. I hear this is only going to get better when my milk comes in, awesome. anyways, I've started breaking in my nursing bras especially in the evenings when I'm home/in bed. [for sleeping I currently like this one from Target]

3. Baby 411 - this book has been a great catch-all of lots of information for me, I can also imagine it will be a great "quick reference" book for when Sweet Pea gets here - I've pretty much dropped all my pregnancy books and have been focusing on reading this one the past two months...

4. Humidifier - so we clearly got this humidifier for Sweet Pea, but we've been using it in our room until she gets here and we've both really liked it, especially now that allergy season is upon us it's been nice to have a little something extra to keep us feeling less stuffy!

5. TUMS - hello heartburn, nice to meet you. I had never had heartburn before well, let me tell you the third trimester made up for lost time... I felt like I had perma-heartburn. NO FUN.

6. Baby Books - Apparently baby can hear/recognize a lot of what you're saying during the third trimester [or so they say] so what better time to start reading to your sweet baby! They say that babies might be calmed by songs/stories they hear while in the womb - who knows if this is actually true, but its worth a shot!

7. Gentle/Natural/Baby Detergent - Nesting will hit home/hard so get your "baby detergent" and have it ready to wash all your sweet baby goodies! We're using ECOS Liquid (Magnolia & Lily) from Costco.

8. Glider - this was the one piece of furniture that even though we'd be moving in a few months I definitely wanted to have before Sweet Pea came and I'm so glad we got it early because I've been using it tons the third trimester! From reading to her, reading for myself and rocking myself to sleep on those nights when I just can't fall asleep in bed - this glider has gotten plenty of use already. I definitely recommend getting a big comfy one that you can curl up in and an ottoman... in my world these are both definitely needs not wants! [we got this glider in tan/taupe and the matching ottoman]

9. Long cardigans/Open sweaters - my body temperature has been all over the place (as has the weather) the past month or two so I always have a long, cozy, open sweater with me to throw on (and then take off 10 minutes later).  I've been buying non-maternity ones too so that I can keep them in my wardrobe after Sweet Pea comes!

10. Good foot/hand cream/body butter - this whole pregnancy my skin has been dry but this last trimester my hands/feet have been SO dry! My personal favorite Korres Body Butter, I keep one travel sized tube in my desk and one in my nightstand!

so that's that...
let me know if you have any questions
clearly, I'm not an expert but can definitely share my perspective!


dave and jenn said...

I second the nursing bras. I have a cozy one for sleep that looks similar to the one from Target, and I love it. I also recommend the organic cotton nursing pads instead of the disposable ones - they are much softer.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the good advice! I will deff check out that book!

Gina said...

Thanks for the advice! I start my third next week...yikes! I like that you kept a log of what works :)

____j said...

I had always heard that baby could hear more 3rd trimester, so I started listening to my music just a little louder to see if she would recognize it after birth. AND IT WORKS! Let me tell you! At that time, I was obsessed with Adele, and listened to her cd 21 over & when we were in the car & I couldn't calm her from the front seat, all I had to do was turn on the Adele cd & she would instantly calm down and usually fall asleep. Works [to this day] like a charm.

Heather said...

I'm in love with my Gilligan & O'Malley nursing bras & tanks from Target!

And my feet didn't fit into any shoes they were so swollen the weeks before I gave birth. :(

Katie & Ryan said...

Yay! So glad to "meet" another Monday's Mama :0) Hope all goes well in your last few weeks! I'm excited to know someone else that will have a little one close in age to mine!

Audra said...

Baby 411 is probvably the only baby book you need (except Happiest Baby on the Block, but for that I'd just get the DVD). I've read the Sleep chapter over and over again, and it was SO helpful in those first few weeks especially!

I am so excited for you!!!! :) :)

Nikki said...

At first I thought you said gender neutral detergent and I was confused on why this was necessary.

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