Thursday, May 20, 2010


So. I've decided to blog. I know. You're so excited.

I have a new job now and I don't really work... no seriously. Okay, I do work - but only for like three to four hours out of my eight hour day (I'm too efficiant for my own good). So basically, I do one of three things --

1. Play on my iPhone [facebook, scrabble, you name it]

2. Wedding Plan [, wedding blogs, google images, etc]

3. Talk on gchat/aim

4. [And most recently] Read blogs... I read blogs of people I know, people I don't know.... funny blogs, personal blogs, etc.

So I've decided. Why not blog myself? I had a blog with some photography I had done in the previous year that I had started but I've deleted that one with movement towards a fresh start [and my name changed, haha]. I still love photography and don't worry I'm sure this blog will be filled with it [but also, so much more]. I do like to write and I get VERY bored at work so this should be cathartic [and time consuming].
The hardest part was deciding what to name the blog... I originally wanted to go with "brighteststar.blogspot..." [my name means brightest star] but that was taken so I decided to go with something that means a lot to my family [past, present and future that is]... 88. I'll explain that means another day though.

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