Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bridesmaid's Shoes

Bridesmaids shoes.... should be a simple task right? I've toyed with lots of ideas... I mean clearly I haven't bought my dress or finalized a bridesmaids dress (two weeks!) but I've been thinking seriously about shoes... such a small detail but they can speak so loudly. I've also been thinking lots about what shoes I'm going to wear (blue ballet flats.... between a few pairs) but that only impacts me - bridesmaid's shoes... that impacts 5 people.

The BM dresses are 99.9% going to be black so first thought was black, then silver for the BMs and gold for the MOH...

AND THEN... I did lots of pondering, searching, consulting with the bridal party and lots of googling [google image search I love you]... here are so of my favs [at first in no particular order]!

Then this picture.... it has solidified the plans....
so flipping cute... bright colors - all different to coordinate with the groomsmen [they'll be wearing skinny ties in different bright colors]

So when I get to see my beautiful and amazing bridal party [TWO WEEKS!!!] in Charleston we'll decide who gets what color, etc. It's perfect because other than the color they can go in any direction they want - style, height, etc - and they can't blame me if their shoes are uncomfortable - they picked them out themselves! SO EXCITING. I'm thinking the colors will be these -- pink, red, green, yellow for sure and then maybe orange or purple [mine will be blue and DJ's tie will be blue].

Clearly DJ and I are already married so the whole wedding planning thing isn't too stressful... just fun [and OK stressful occasionally]. We had our special day for just the two of us -- now we get to celebrate with our amazing family and friends on our one year anniversary and we're throwing one heck of a New Years Eve Party! Good stuff.


Kirby said...

I think that is a good plan. and so much fun! My colors are red, orange and grey. their dresses will be grey and I think I'll let them choose their shoes and color but just sticking to a shade of red and orange.

asj said...

Love it! I think letting the girls pick their own shoes adds such an element - especially bright colored shoes.... and make for such fun pictures! Grey, red, and orange will look great!

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