Monday, May 24, 2010

Invite Wording...

So I'm already married...and having a wedding. Tricky? Yes... on so many levels. I'm trying to finalize our invitation wording... and its a little different because we're hosting the wedding (with help from our parents), we now have the same last name [do I use my maiden name on the invite? but we're already married, that seems fake?] AND it defintely is NOT formal... I came across this picture in one of our photographer's photobooks of an invite from a hippy Berkshire wedding she shot a few years back... I really liked the simplicity of it [and lovey-dovey-magical-ness]. I don't know if we'll go this direction but it's a possibility...

It states --
With grateful hearts for finding such magical love
Brenda & Tom
together with our parents
joyfully invite our family and friends
to share in the blessings as we celebrate
our union and love

the more I read it, the more it just fits us, hmm... we'll see! In other news 10 days til Charleston with my girlfriends! :)

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