Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oliver the WONDER Dog

Saturday my darling puppy Oliver will be four months! It's unreal how fast he's growing. All my life I've loved dogs and puppies and ever since I left my beautiful black lab Hannah at home when I went away to college I missed having a dog and wanted one again... this was even harder after Hannah passed while I was working in Wilmington, I really didn't have a dog anymore. Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with puppies ( anyone? and of course puppycam!) So - when I ventured out into the real world where dogs are allowed in my home again it was only a matter of time....

DJ (aka hubs) said from the get-go before we were married, no dogs before kids. What?! Poor guy, didn't know what was coming... We "tried out" a puppy a few months ago and it was a bad idea - the hound had so much energy, did NOT have good manners and was just snappy in general... I was nervous to touch it much less have kids around it (not anytime soon, just thinking ahead). So needless to say, it was a draining weekend and we said bye bye hound-dog.

DJ then came home one day raving about bulldogs and how thats what kind of dog we needed to get? What's this? Mr. I don't want a dog til we have kids turned into Mr. I love bulldogs... so it was a compromise - he didnt want a puppy, but if we were going to get a puppy we were going to get a bulldog... I slowly came around to the idea of a lazy drooler with lots of wrinkles (not the golden retreiever I pictured going on runs with but he'll come one day). So we emailed a bunch of people and found this awesome family in CT that had ONE "beautiful male bulldog puppy" left so we made the hour journey one morning before work.... and it was love. Oliver was the sweetest dog of the bunch and we feel in love. HARD. We weren't sure we wanted a dog when we went, and when we came home it was either Oliver or nothing. So two weeks later we went and picked up our beautiful little bullie. He truly has become part of our little family - our little boy.

Oliver at 13 weeks... he was so sad when we left him (he came home with us one week later)

I love this dog so much it's ridiculous and don't get me started on DJ - he melts for this dog. How can you not? He seriously is the cutest dog in the world, well in my world at least. AND he is so SWEET... he's a snuggler, he loves to put his head on your lap and fall asleep, he wiggles his whole body when he sees you and gets so excited... aahh. He's amazing. Also, he has such good manners. He's amazing. Enough gushing... here are some pics of my favorite little guy [little who is now getting big... 31 pounds, woof!].

Looks like someone forgot his dentures!

Napping while mommy reads....

Clean puppy after bathtime!

Baby Ollie learning how to go up the steps at his new home...

Sweepy pups...

Our beautiful bullie!

How could you not love that face?

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