Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2000 cans of peas anyone?

remember that time DJ asked me if we could spend 
$1500-$2000 on canned food?
you know, because the world is going to end.
[I guess this could look good in my living room...]

no but seriously, he really did ask that.
but not because of 2012... because food prices are increasing.
I then made fun of him for stressing over life and reading the news too much.
he then said I wasn't going to be laughing when we were the only people with food...
I do get cranky when I don't eat.

so, let me know if you're interested in contributing to a canned food drive...
you know, to feed the hippies and my husbands paranoia... 

all I know, is I have dibs on the canned corn.
the spam is all his.



Smart Ass Sara said...

I wish I could seriously stock up on food because I just paid $4.10 for a pound of the fattiest ground beef they had. No person should have to rinse their ground beef. Ever.

Is there a shortage of cows or something?? Have they gone on strike??

Nikki said...

I always make sure we buy dog food I would eat too...and I don't let it get too low ;)

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