Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Target Tuesday [Link-up]

so DJ and I went to target last night to grab a few odds and ends and of course, I dragged him to the shoe department because I [desperately] need brown flats/sandals and low and behold I see this beautiful shoe begging me to try it on... [it looks nicer in person, the picture doesn't do it justice]
adorable, and only for $24.99

...so I try them on and I'm smitten and do you know what my impatient and cranky loving husband said - they're not brown, no. let's go. I tried the "they have brown in them angle" but he wasn't budging.  

I'm really sad because I don't have my own car or debit card to go back and get them when I'm alone.... 

oh wait... 

yeah buster, I'm going back for those shoes AND some brown flats/sandals. [hope you enjoyed that little glimpse into my marriage...] 

anyways, back to target... here are some other things I am loving on this glorious Target Tuesday...

if my husband doesn't start being nicer to me...
I just might buy them all... happy shopping puppies!

[juust kidding, DJ - I love you and our bank account, I won't buy everything.. just the shoes!] 

join in the fun and link-up with Tara @ fabulous but evil!


Nikki said...

Why do they have to be brown? Men, they don't understand how cute those shoes would look on you in say...Paris?

I find a million things online at Target but nothing in the stores. I don't know what my problem is!

tara said...

I love that first dress! Very very cute!

Asha said...

Those shoes are SO cute! you should definitely sneak and buy them :) I'm loving the nail polish too!

TanaLicious said...

I have a serious nail polish obsession so I'll fully support any purchases of Essie products ;)

Shelley said...

Hahaha my husband won't even allow me to LOOK in the shoes, purse, or clothing sections!

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