Thursday, October 27, 2011

thursday is the new friday.

happy friday to me.
that's right, I'm rubbing it in.
I'm so excited for a three day weekend.

what a whirlwind of a week it has been and I'm so ready for this weekend. it's going to be a great friend-filled weekend. tomorrow I head off to raleigh for tiff's bridal shower and I get a fun added bonus of dinner on saturday night with sarah & her sweet boyfriend mike [who I'm meeting for the first time, hooray!]

I'm off to make a packing/to-do list for this weekend but I'll leave you with these pictures of me and my little lovie Oliver.... this is pretty much what we've been up-to for the past week....
we're a match made in snuggly, lazy heaven.


Kristin said...

lucky duck! i want tomorrow off... have fun!

Anna said...

Such a good snuggle buddy! UGH Why aren't you going to Helen this weekend?

Lil' Woman said...

Have fun this weekend :)

Daniela said...

your dog is adorable :)

Married...with a Pup said...

aww he's just so cuddly! Have a great [long] weekend!!

Ashley said...

Snuggle time with the pups are always the best! His little face says it all!

Nikki said...

He's so sweet, snuggling in wherever he can! Hope you had a fab long weekend. I'm ready for one ;)

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