Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Future Babies

Hello Ladies!!!

 Today youre stuck with me! In case you dont know me, Im Kristen, a twenty something blonde from Texas figuring out this crazy life with my cute pups and amazing boo, Christopher!

I currently enjoy vacationing A LOT, hanging out with friends and living life on the go! I have no doubt that my "nonstop, always have 30 things to do, weekends booked solid for months, living in 2 cities" life will settle in the next couple of years and marriage and mini me's will follow. Aint happenin too soon, but eventually! Until then, I live vicariously through my friends and fellow bloggers who are experiencing these things ahead of me so you can imagine how excited I was to find out Ollie was going to have a little sister!

I LOVE children! Ive always known Id have 2 children, both will be girls (one can be a boy, but one HAS to be a girl) and theyve been named since I was little. When Pinterest appeared I began collecting my "One Day Little Ones" photos so I dont forget any cute idea when I get myself knocked up and today you lucky ladies are getting a glimpse of my futture children's lives!

First, little girl's attire! I seriously die for baby girl clothes! How precious are these??

Next, Im ALL about the photo ops! Pregnancy pics... So freakin cute! You can bet your sweet ass I will have each of these in my house one day!

And newborn pics! TEAR!


And First Year / Toddler pics!

And my all time favorite pic of all time that will without doubt be recreated....

 Hint hint Annahita... YOU BETTER TOO!

And last a little decor!!

Okay, I think Ive blown up her blog with enough of my little baby world so Im going to go ahead and bounce!!

You can find me on the reg over at my little ole blog All In My Twenties!! Come stop by and say HI!!




Rachel said...

Cute stuff! I love that first onsies! Ever since I got pregnant I have been looking for one of those "bump" signs to take a picture with but I have yet to pass one while driving around! Oh well, maybe soon!

dave and jenn said...

Enjoyed your post! Would love to know where you found that Kennedy door hanging.

mommyx3 said...

I'm totally having another baby!!

Jeremy and Megan said...

LOVE your post Kristen!! I have a couple of those babie pics/clothes pinned too! haha

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