Tuesday, March 6, 2012

introducing samuel martin...

samuel martin
born 3.4.2012, 4:33am
8lbs 13 ounces, 20.5 inches

exciting news in our little world! our newest baby nephew [aka sweet pea's future best friend] was born over the weekend! Mat & Summer came to hunker down with us and the fam over the weekend due to the storms that were looking not too hot over their neighborhood - so we were lucky enough to spend some QT with them before all the excitement took place.. we even made a "birth"day cake in hopes that we would be able to celebrate our nephews birth the next day [and because we all like cake] - and it worked! when I went to bed at midnight on Saturday Summer was monitering her contractions and her and Mat were talking through the possibility of going to the hospital - when I woke up at 7:30 I had a text from Mat saying that the newest "baby j" had been brought into the world!

we were so excited to go over and spend sometime with them the past two days when they were in the hospital and to say DJ and I are in love with little Sam is an understatement - he's so perfect and sweet and it makes me even more excited for sweet pea to join us so I can marvel over her perfection.  in case you're wondering why I didn't blog about this baby boy yesterday ["is your dog really more important of a baby boy than your nephew?!"] it's because they were still deciding on a name and I wanted to wait to announce this little bundle of joy until we had a perfect name to go with his perfect little face, checks, fingers and toes!

welcome to the world samuel martin, we love you so much!
this post also makes me nostaligic of when we met sweet max, he was so little and the smallest baby I had ever seen or touched until well, this weekend. 


Anonymous said...

When I saw a baby, I thought it was yours!! I was so excited I didn't even realize it was a boy! :)

Cole said...

For a second, I just looked at pictures and thought the babe was yours!!

And...if anyone should question whether your pup was as important as your new nephew, I would answer yes! You love your nephew, and your dog deserves some love too. :-)

Nikki said...

Congratulations! Oh they are going to have soo much fun together.

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