Wednesday, February 2, 2011


guess who gave three weeks notice to quit her job yesterday?
this gal. [and her husband]

guess who doesn't have a job yet?
this gal. [and her husband]

it's official. DJ and I are heading south.


our lease ends at the end of the month and we were debating what to do and we realized that if we're going to move, now is the time to do it. So, we're moving to Georgia! I really do love the berkshires [sometimes] and will miss [some of] the people but we really want to be closer to our family. so we're going to be real close [all of DJ's immediate family now lives in the Atlanta area].  What better time than now? We don't own property, we don't have kids [just a baby bullie].

So, we're packing up a uhaul in 24 days and heading to GA. we're going to get a storage unit and live in his parents basement for awhile [that's right, you read right - I'm that cool, don't be jealous]. In all honesty, I'm excited.  I love his parents, I love free rent, and I'm excited at the idea of new opportunities. I've applied for 27 jobs so far [and only been rejected by 2 - clearly they were idiots]. DJ is going to do graphic design - which he is amazing at, he's going to start up his own firm on the side and work towards getting a job with a firm/company too. I'm so proud of him for following his heart/dreams.

As for me - I don't know what I'm going to do - I'm applying for everything and almost anything; some jobs in higher ed, some in events, some in retail.... at this point, I still just don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Sometimes I'm okay with that, sometimes I'm not - hopefully this job search will help me figure it out.

With that I'm off to scour the internet for jobs and let the creative juices flow on another project that just maybe up my sleeve - get excited!


Nikki said...

Whoo hoo! Good for you guys! I wish I were moving. It sounds so exciting. You're going to make a great Georgia peach ;)

Kristin said...

wow! big changes! good luck with the move!

Christina said...

I am kind of jealous. . ok really jealous. . I love and miss Atlanta but no longer have family there just friends which can't really justify a move. Best of luck in all your new adventures!

Christina said...

Oh and if you want to buy a house in Kennesaw, Ga my parents is for sale :)

Smart Ass Sara said...

GOOD FOR YOU. Seriously. I'm jealous you get to go south.. I desperately wish I could. Seriously. I wish I could just up and leave today. BUT I have a house, two kids, Matt and I have careers, etc. Ugh. But I am ubber happy for you. :)

Tara, in 3 Parts said...

Congrats! Moving to the south is the best decision Steve and I made :) And we're only a couple hours from Atlanta! Though we've never really BEEN there. Weird.

____j said...

I'm so excited for you and your husband!

amy said...

Good luck on your move! I hope you find a job soon! :)

I'm a little jealous. I'm so bored with Austin right now and would love to pack up and move to a new state.

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