Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crazy Job Listing: Executive and Personal Assistant

Here's another "winning" job listing...

Successful Design and Custom Cabinet Manufacturer seeking aggressive Executive Assistant/Coordinator to manage office and office personell, current and future work and manage and organize material, supplies and delivery schedules. Must be able to handle a fast pace work environment with a keen ability to muti task. Some travel may be required and sales experience is preferred. This position requires the ability to be available any time day or night, and is a personal and professional assistant position so only those interested should apply.  Hours M-F with some evenings, weekends and overnights. Must be flexible. Pay will be determined upon hiring, but salary requirements must be conveyed on your resume or email. Must reply to ad by email only, with attached resume and salary requirements either formal or informal. Phone calls will not be accepted or returned.

overnight? must be available any time day or night? for what? a cabinet emergency?? I'm so confused. who are these people? STILL not that desperate.... In other news, I'm excited to watch Big Love on DVD tonight, paint my nails, and pretend to pack [sorry DJ, priorities].


jules said...

"Paint Nails" is on my To Do list as well tonight!

Nikki said...

Maybe the cabinets need babysitting?

I also get nervous about the "go getter, agressive" posts, but then I think...they probably don't want to say "laid back, lazy"

Smart Ass Sara said...

Um... clearly this is an S&M loving cabinet maker. SCARY.

Tara, in 3 Parts said...

I'd rather work retail or be a server than apply for a job like that, thanks.

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