Monday, October 3, 2011

bedside manners...

now don't get me wrong, I love my husband... but let's get real. every relationship has it's quirks and every person has those things that they do that make you want to scream flinch. DJ is a sweet, lovable, cuddly man - but he is no exception* - he particularly knows how to irk me in the bedroom [mind out of the gutter, not like that], and here is the short list:
- towels on the bed - do NOT put wet towels on the bed, ugh so annoying and just yuck.
- not using his inside voice when the lights are out: it is NOT okay to yell at the dog for something when your wife is sleeping
- elbow to the face - this happens weekly, if not more
- he has been known to steal pillows, yes - while I'm sleeping from under my head [?!]
- sometimes I have to wake him up to  move him from the center of the bed

*he would add that I'm not an exception to the perfection rule either, things I do that make him want to scream include: hanging up on him, taking the fresh towel and leaving him the used one, not putting my clothes away after I take them off and the clutter on my nightstand [just to name a few, I'm sure he can add a dozen more]

with all that being said, I do enjoy having the bed to myself sometimes but nothing is better than going to bed and waking up next to the man I love every night.

in unrelated news, we're both home sick today. no fun. I just went to the doctor though and got prescribed the mother of all meds - ZPAC to the rescue. I need to get better ASAP though because I have a bachelorette party this weekend [yay Tiff!] and sick hita is no fun.

do you sleep next to someone every night?
do they do anything to drive you batty?


whitney said...

maybe you can create a barrier out of pillows?

just thank the lord that snoring wasn't on the list. it's the little things.

i bet that sick day is pretty awesome...maybe i should go home too.

Anna said...

ZPAC is synonymous with Magic. Love those.

And Mike is guilty of the same things - especially the hogging the center of the bed one. He also steals my pillow and frequently gropes me in his sleep.

Although I'm a pretty voracious teeth grinder, I am otherwise PERFECT. lol

Kat said...

I think Gator Guy would make the same list about me!! However, he also has to put up with my sleep walking-punching-kicking-fishhooking-talking fun. yes. I am quite the sleeping entertainer.

Oh yeah, except I don't put wet towels on the least not all the time!

Lil' Woman said...

I sleep next to the hubs and my he biggest complaint is that he's a blanket hog. He wraps himself up like a sausage and leaves me to shiver all night.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Matt snores extremely loudly. He takes my pillows, thrashes like a crazy person and I often wake up with bruises all over me. He drools on me, breathes his stinky breath right on my face or my personal favorite- tries to initiate sex RIGHT AFTER I fall asleep. REally? You couldn't just try before?? *sigh*

Married...with a Pup said...

LOL, this is hilarious! My husband used to put wet towels on the bed too and I HATED it, yuck! Luckily, I've broken him of that habit (YES!) Hope you get to feeling better!

Stephanie said...

I get an elbow to the face or a knee to the face on a regular basis. Grr...

But I do the same thing with clothes and clutter on the nightstand! I can't help it. Hope you guys feel better soon!!!

90 Percent Blonde... said...

I get an elbow to my face weekly as well and my pillow gets stolen (if not by Beau, by one of the dogs!)

Sarah @

Nikki said...

Ahahaha! Did he know you took that picture? Poor husbands. It was an adjustment to learn to sleep next to someone, now it is an adjustment to sleep without!

Feel better soon!

Kelly said...

lol. girl I used to have elbows to the face and then we got a California Kingsized bed, which, we turned sideways. so it's even EXTRA wide. We don't sleep on it the right way we sleep across it. now, granted our whole room is BED and we look like we are swingers (minus the extra people) but it works. so I say get the biggest bed your can find you'll meet if you want too and you won't have anything hitting you in the face !

Wiz said... funny. I have been married for coming up on nine years. I have gotten used to any quirk and they dont bother me anymore. Maybe that will happen with you :)

____j said...

Everything you just mentioned seriously annoys me about my husband, too. Well, except he doesn't leave wet towels on the bed. But definitely everything else. It must be a guy thing.

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