Monday, October 24, 2011


no no, not miami - missing in action
as in what I've been lately.
last week and this weekend were great, just exhausting. 
lots of good things happening at work and tons of family in town.
so yes, great times but exhausting times.

I'm thankful for a four day work-week and the opportunity to sleep in on friday and saturday.... DJ and I got up before the sun today and made it downtown and both got a workout in before 8am. pretty impressive, don't you think? however, I am currently fighting the urge to take a mid-morning nap.

speaking of being exhausted, poor Oliver was also exhausted this morning and definitely hid his face in his bed when I turned the lights on and I had to SHAKE his bed and stick my arm under his body to finally wake him up and get him out of bed this morning to let him out and feed him before we left for work.... he's definitely my son puppy, if he had an alarm clock he would have definitely been hitting snooze.  I missed the opportunity to take a picture of him but I'm sure it will happen again.

There really are very few things cuter than a puppy when he first wakes up. The yawns, shakes and stretches. Makes me smile just thinking about it.
in related news, the snoring is getting out of control. Ollie is falling right asleep when we go down to go to bed and he is seriously sawing logs and it's hindering my ability to fall asleep most nights... I think we're going to have to move his bed out of the bedroom or get him some breathe right strips. they should make those for bulldogs. so I think his bed is going to be moved outside of the bedroom tonight... sad but lets be real, I need sleep.

here's to a restful and relaxing week for all.


Kristin said...

man, i feel you on being mia! i was thinking that i should write a similar post sometime this week. if i have time...sigh.

Anna said...

So cute! Me and Ollie are on the same page.

Bella, however, is up and bouncing around the second she hears us stirring. Annoying. Why can't my dog be as lazy as I am?

Nikki said...

What a sweet photo of your boy! I had to do the same thing with my dogs this morning. They do not want to go out if it is raining and I have to force them. They squint and run circles around the patio and I keep thinking "if you had just gone out there and don't your business we could be over this by now".

Summer Wind said...

Good for you for getting up so early and working out! I have such trouble doing that!

Lil' Woman said...

Your pup is too cute...I just want to snuggle with him :)

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