Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY fabric embroidery hoops!

here's another fun and easy project that I made for our nursery that I thought I'd share, I kept seeing these pop up on pinterest in nursery pins and I loved the look and though they seemed easy enough. well, I was right - it was easy as could be and I made four fabric embroidery hoop wall hangings for the nursery wall [now I just need to hang them up, ha].

items needed:
embroidery hoop(s)
fabric scraps [I got a set of five different fabric square that coordinated from our local fabric store]
hot glue gun & glue
[also thread/string needle if you want to add stitching or sew fabric shapes on]

step 1: iron your fabric, clearly I didn't do a great job but it's a lot better than the starting product!

step 2: loosen the embroidery hoop and put fabric around smaller hoop and tighten back up - make sure to pull the fabric nice and tight so it's taut and there is no slack. then cut out the fabric so you have a enough of a border to be able to glue down.

step 3: using a hot glue gun, glue down the fabric edges to the embroidery hoop!

that's pretty much it for the basics - now there are plenty of ways you can personalize these even more - you can paint the wooden hoops (clearly before you put the fabric in - and let it dry first), or sew pieces of fabric in different shapes, etc. I decided to stitch a few little patterns/shapes into the fabric in other bright colors that I wanted to incorporate so I got some tapestry needles, embroidery thread and a spool of sparkly thread. I then just free-handed some patterns into the hoops - next time I think I'll try sewing on other shapes  and/or putting rosettes on!

so there you have it a quick, easy and fun weekend project! 
now onto the biggest task of all... 
deciding where to hang them! 


whitney said...


and my favorite because no IRON needed. that piece of shittake can stay in the closet where it belongs.

Sarah said...

so cute! love those! :)

Nikki said...

Cute! Look at you nesting ;)

Lourdes Echagarruga said...

These are adorable! i love this idea

XO Lourdes

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