Thursday, July 29, 2010

introducing maxwell fenway...

....with my adorable husband.

Isn't Max just the cutest? 
Look at that little face! 
He was so tiny... 
I've never held a baby that small before 
[um, what if I break him?!]

I love these pics of Max with "Uncle Danny" he's going to be such an amazing dad.... it's the whole me being a mom thing I'm worried about... eeeh I just felt panic pangs... clearly, not ready to procreate. I'll stick to being "aunt hita" for now ["Aunt Annahita" just doesn't work too much alliteration]...


Yellow House said...

Those are great photos. I've only ever seen my husband hold a baby once and he had a look of sheer panic on his face... :) More of our friends need to start having babies so he can practice.

Ashley Sisk said...

Isn't it great to see your husband with babies. My husband has baby pains more than I do and I love to see him with them.

Christina said...

Man I love babies, I also love whatever camera you have. It takes great photos. Or maybe your just a really good photographer. I'm going to get lessons before we have kids in a few years.

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