Tuesday, July 17, 2012

me and mine...

why not. 
this sounds fun
want to know a little more about me? 
here goes...

I'm annahita.
[and thats Oliver, showing his goods for all to see - clearly, not a modest dog]

I'm a wife, educator, food-fantatic, nap lover, bad reality tv addict, travel junkie, ZTA sister [collegiate, turned alum, turned advisor], and most recently - I'm a mom! 

I'm 29.
[yes. holy shit. only one year left in my twenties].
I've traveled to four continents [North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania]
over the span of my education/career I've lived on five different college campuses...
yup. I spent a decade living on college campuses.
[I have stories for days...]

I went to UCF for my undergraduate degree...
[celebrating homecoming a few years back with my sorority sisters]

...AND... I'm a proud SC Gamecock [I got my masters degree from USC]...
[yup. I love college football. obsessed.]

I hate when strangers talk to me, mushrooms and automatic papertowel dispensers in bathrooms.

I walk fast.
I read fast.
I type fast.
I eat slow.
I really, really, really like lemonade.
[....and pinot noir]

I love to sleep, read, take pictures, snuggle with my pup, run and practice yoga... and as you already saw college football [oh and pizza... I love pizza]

I love my sweet husband DJ [danny j] and we had a funny, very short or very long courtship depending on how you look at it... we've been friends since we were 13... I promise to share our whole story very soon...
[pictured here our senior year of high school]

...we eloped on January 1st, 2010...

...and had a wedding with our friends and family on December 31st, 2010...

If I could relive one day over and over again it woud be the day that I got married [the first time]
...even though I sometimes tell my husband otherwise, it's the best decision I've ever made.

I'm obsessed with my english bulldog Oliver... he's the man.

...and our family grew by one more just a little over 2 months ago when our sweet daughter Penelope was born! 
yup. she's the most beautiful baby in the world.
okay, I'm a little biased.

that's me.
not perfect by any means.
but so happy to be living this life alongside some amazing people.

your turn.
tell me about you?


Rachel said...

love it! And weird- I just did this post too! I had it open for hours trying to write it and kept getting up to do other stuff so I just posted it! One more year in your twenties- I have 5 more days! Yikes! I forgot you went to UCF :) Did you grow up in Florida too?

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh my gosh your daughter is absolutely adorable in that purple tutu. so so cute!! congrats on becoming her mom, and a family of four (yes I included your dog because I do with mine when I count my family members)

Laura said...

I didn't know that you eloped! how fun :)

29...I'm with ya...EEEK!!!

the workaholic momma said...

SO precious...that baby girl of yours!!! And Oliver is quite the handsome man too!!! I'm dying to hear the story of you and your hubs courtship....and napping - has to be one of my fave activities too!!

Shell said...

Great post! Everytime I read about yall eloping... I want to put our wedding plans on hold and just elope :) It just sounds so sweet!

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