Saturday, July 28, 2012

moms on call: an update

So, after my blog post earlier this week about Moms on Call and the whole online training not having the 8+week schedule and having to buy the book fiasco [basically, me complaining about having to buy two things because I'm cheap]. I got an email from Laura Hunter one of the founders of Moms on Call who stumbled upon my blog --

From there - we emailed back and forth and I was truly impressed by her genuine care and dedication to what she does!

I felt like a bit of an ass because I realized that the lack of 8 week schedule was not intentional and just an oversight. Also, like I said before - I would buy the book and the online training again without a doubt, because  in the grand scheme of things $55 is well-worth it for the amount of sleep I'm getting and the fact that my baby is well-rested and slept 11 hours last night...

I'll be honest, I was unsure if I was going to buy the 3-12 month online class in two weeks when Penelope turns 3 months. But now - I have no doubt. Even though Laura is sending me book 2 for free I'm still going to buy the online class... Not only because I think I'll get valuable information but because I want to support a company who truly cares about their customers.

Moms on Call also sent me [for FREE] their updated books (two of them!), a PDF of their second book, and a swaddling blanket -- so nice!

Also, on a completely UNRELATED note - I've started swaddling Penny loosely without her arms wrapped in and this is how I find her almost every time I check on her....
I know, I know...
so freaking cute.

I was not compensated for this post by Moms on Call - just truly impressed and wanted to share.


Jill said...

I love this picture! She looks like she's ready to pump her firsts up in the air like "Oh yeah, I'm awesome!"....or she could be flexin' to show off her awesomeness :) Either way, this is adorable!

Katie & Ryan said...

That is awesome customer service! Love when companies reach out like that :) And adorable Penny picture!

Sarah said...

I e-mailed with her too, sweet sweet lady!! And awesome company!!

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