Monday, July 23, 2012

moms on call... a rave & rant.

remember that time my baby started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks?
I do.
It's amazing and glorious.
Penny is currently sleeping 10-11 hour stretches at night [!?!?]
hell to the yes.

I would like to credit my amaaaaazing parenting skills...
 but really I think it's [a small] part routine (moms on call)* 
....and [a big] part dumb luck (I'll take it)**

so let's start at the beginning - melissa mentioned moms on call on her blog back when her daughter Blaire was itty-bitty and I took note (basically, melissa is really smart and I want to be just like her). we emailed about it a bit and when Penny was two weeks old I bought moms on call's 0-3 month online training class and was VERY happy with the information, routine and the results I had gotten. We currently follow the daytime schedule loosely and the nighttime/bedtime routine pretty precisely. Penny was sleeping 3-4 hour stretches from 2-6 weeks and from 6 weeks on (minus a few off nights) she's slept through the night (just in time for me to start working from home - what a sweet girl, so good to her momma).

so, I've been singing moms on call's praises all over the interweb (twitter, blog, etc) and it seems some other moms are having great success from it too! which makes me happy. I wholeheartedly recommend it if you like sleep - if you have specific questions about the system/our take on it feel free to ask. clearly, it's probably not for everyone - but it works great for us!

now, I'm not going to lie - I was a little annoyed with moms on call a week or so ago -- so Penny turned 8 weeks... so I turned to my 0-3 months online training course and... wait?! what?? the 8+ week routine/example schedule is not included?! now, I know this is a business but I was frustrated. It should have been called 0-2 month online training - so I had to spend another $25 for a book (which has pretty much all the same information I already got from the online training sans 4 pages of schedules that I actually needed/wanted.....). I guess I just figured the same information would be offered in the book and in the online training - just in different ways for peoples different styles of learning, etc. but I'm disappointed to find out there are things in the video NOT in the book and things in the book NOT in the video. ugh.

I know... 
I'm being a baby 
(and cheap)
...but I just feel like I got one pulled over on me. 

now, could I have figured it out/done my own thing... yes. but let's be real - I'm a control freak. I like routine, systems and checklists (which moms on call provides me). I like having a framework to go  off of. I guess, the way I look at it is for the next baby I have the book to reference and I won't need to buy the online training course again so it really isn't money lost. oh well.

one last thing --
as cheap as I am...
I can't lie
it's SO worth it.
girlfriend is sleeping great!
and mommy?
mommy LOVES her sleep too!

now the question is -- do I buy the 6-12 month book or the 3-12 month online training session - I really do NOT want to buy both of them. I know, I'm being a baby (and cheap) and a little bitter. Judge away.

has anyone else used moms on call?
if so, where do you think I should go from here?
do you recommend doing the online training course or getting the book?
...or neither?

and of course, what you've all been waiting for -- pictures of our sweet sleeping babe...

*I was not compensated by moms on call for this blog post - just sharing my opinion -- though I wouldn't turn down a free book. seriously. hook a complainer up.
**I know, I know -- she will likely regress and she will have bad nights and in a few months she could go back to getting up once or twice a night - don't pee on my parade. I'm happy and my baby is sleeping and I'll take it!


Stephanie Ann said...

No comment on the winner from last night's bachelorette?!

melissa said...

Well shoot! Why isn't the schedule included? That's sort of bogus. To be honest, we watched the online seminar once, implemented the program and she took to it so well I sort of just used that for the duration. And you're right - she's going to hit the sleep regression around 4 months and it all goes to shit for a while anyway. But you guys will figure it out! xo glad Penny is such a great sleeper!

Rachel said...

I havent heard of this system but it does seem like a lot of money! I've been reading "BabyWise" which a friend recommended and it has a lot of tips and schedules in it. We also bought the DVD for "happiest baby on the block" so I guess we'll watch that one soon and get even more info. Both of those together cost less than $25 on amazon! Not sure if the info is similar or not to what you have?

Katie & Ryan said...

We started this program last week and I've been amazed at the results (she slept till 3:30 the first day, 4:30 the next and then until 5:45 the last couple of nights). I didn't realize that the 8+ week schedule wasn't included either...I'm glad you gave me the heads up...guess I'm gonna have to buy the book too. I guess at this point I'll pay anything for the sleep though :0P

dave and jenn said...

Yay Penny! Way to be a good sleeper!

____j said...

Good for you [and Penny ;)]. But I'm betting that if she's got the whole sleep thing under control, you could probably just wing it now. You've already won the battle. Just keep up with the routine & everything should be fine.

Britni Kesselring said...


I've been debating about watching this and wanted to know if it was worth it to pay the money. (I'm cheap) I'm due in two weeks and was wanting some sort of plan for sleeping.

Audra said...

Wish I had known about this -DAMMIT! I wonder if it works for colicky babies?? Em had mild colic in the beginning but I definitely feel responsible for her being a bad sleep until 4.5 months - and now we have the opposite problem... girlfriend sleeps TOO much. I miss her!

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

I have a two week old and we just started. My baby doesn't calm when soothed therefor I don't know how long to let her jeep crying. Also how do you incorporate diaper changes into the middle of the middle of the night feedings.

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

I have a two week old and we just started. My baby doesn't calm when soothed therefor I don't know how long to let her jeep crying. Also how do you incorporate diaper changes into the middle of the middle of the night feedings.

Anonymous said...

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