Wednesday, July 21, 2010

anyone home?

so I've been setting up a MLB  Summer Tour for my company - basically get a suite for 20-30 guys to watch baseball, smooze while drinking and eating really expensive catered food... it's been a success [it would also be nice as the event coordinator if I got to attend these events, but alas - not anytime soon here].... so the next ballpark we're targeting is the Minnesota Twins... I contact the stadium and they say sorry all sold out of suites... then the sales guy sends me a link to a CRAIGSLIST POSTING to contact that person for their suite... um hello, shady - we're a CORPORATION trying to get a luxery suite not a random guy trying to scalp some tickets. needless to say, I think the whole thing is a scam so he's going to "investigate"

seriously, people? anyone home? it'll be interesting to see how this one turns out... another day in the jungle.

in other exciting news - today is my friday, tomorrow I'm taking a half day and then DJ and I are off to ATL! SO EXCITING.

I'm interested to see how I do in a "city" after living out in the Berkshires for the past six months... DJ's amazing mom is throwing me a bridal shower on Saturday so clearly I needed a new dress... [and then I bought 2 and a pair of flats, oops]. So we're really excited for this weekend, some of my friends and bridesmaids are coming in on Saturday night and we get to meet our nephew Maxwell Fenway for the first time, he'll be 20 days old at that point! SO EXCITED... AND we get to see my mom for the first time since we eloped... and for DJ and his folks the first time seeing my mom in a decade... crazy.

As DJ's parents put it - the muslims are meeting the jews.... maybe our families can bring peace to the middle east.

LASTLY, I finally finished my Color Me Happy Swap exchange gift to send off to Carmen... I hope she likes everything... I'd tell you what I made/bought but just in case Carmen reads this I dont want to ruin the surprise! :)

wait... whats that? you want to see the shoes and dress I bought from Target... okay, okay... here they are... so. freaking. cute.

the dress I'm going to wear to the bridal shower....
not great quality pic I know... but you can see it on the webpage here.

adorable everyday red flats [wearing them now, I love them]...

so cute. see them here. AND they come in yellow.
yes, I excerised self control and only bought one pair.

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