Thursday, July 15, 2010

RAW(e) Dessert Photo Challenge

 This is my first time participating in a RAW(e) photo challenge... the theme this week is DESSERTS so clearly, I had to... I have the world's biggest sweet tooth. WARNING: the following picture will make you crave sweets.... ready? 
The Rules:
-Only post one photo that is COMPLETELY untouched. Totally in the buff, with no edits
at all.
-Link to your photo post and not your blog as a whole.
-Have fun!
-Each week the winner picks the next winner.
-You have until 5 pm Friday to link up.
[BTW- no, I did not make this baklava. I WISH. however, I have eaten it and's just as good as it looks!]


Ashley Sisk said...

That looks delicious - I'm glad I just ate breakfast...otherwise I'd be really hungry right now. BTW, I don't think I was following you before, but I'm following you now!

Sailor and Co said...

I ADORE baklava. IT's SO delicious!!!!

The Olsen Family said...

This was my first time participating in the RAW[E] photo challenge too! Your baklava photo looks DELICIOUS! *wipes drool from mouth*

Diane said...

Looks so flaky good! :O)

Yellow House said...

I am loving the dessert photos! That baklava looks incredible! I am worried because the restaurant across the street sells baklava and if I don't get this photo out of my mind soon, I can see myself walking over to buy some!

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