Tuesday, July 27, 2010

she's baaack

I'm back and better than ever exhausted. What an amazing whirlwind the past five days have been... I feel like I could write post after post about this weekend but in all reality, that probably wouldn't be very interesting for anyone other than me... so here's the cliff notes version...

In no particular order... noteworthy weekend mentionables:

-gel manicure.... "new technology" said the sweet lady that did my manicure... I got a french "gel" manicure and supposedly it lasts for two weeks without chipping... day five, no chips - previously unheard of. apparently if they're done incorrectly you can get nerve damage, but I'm feeling fine. no worries.

-PUBLIX. I miss Publix, we went several times over the weekend. I had a publix sub and publix sushi. Did I mention, I love Publix, I do. I really do. No other grocery store compares.

-b.a.b.i.e.s. -- surrounded by them and loved it. not quire ready to procreate but am loving being "aunt hita" - I have the cutests niece and nephews in the world. [pictures to come]

-my two moms - it was great spending time with my moms and my mom j [DJ's mom]. My mom got along really well with DJs fam and it was so fun for us all to be together.

-grandma took shots. do you really need any more info? it was spectacular.

-bridal shower - showered with love. so much fun and amazing to see my great friends who came to see me and spend QT with us.

-I BOUGHT A WEDDING DRESS! CHECK. I can't really speak about this amazing dress too much because DJ read's the blog [hi honey, love you]. but it's spectacular and it has pockets... um 'nuff said. I went with my mom, DJ's mom and grandma... it was so fun to experience with them. so wedding dress and veil - check and check.

-We saw Donovan McNabb at the Atlanta Aiport... he was wearing Phoenix Sun's basketball shorts... that really confused me.

-Our flight got delayed. Three times. We finally arrived in Boston at 3:00am.... then got to our car around 3:30... then drove home to the Berkshires... didn't get home til around 6am. NOT FUN. We crashed and DJ skipped out on jury duty. Needless to say... I'm exhausted and so is he, we are going to sleep well tonight.

pictures to come of our weekend extravaganza... it was amazing to see family and friends and just be surrounded by love... and now we're back to our little family of three.... speaking of three, we're going to pick up Oliver after work and I am SO EXCITED. I missed our little butterball.

alright off to research tradeshows. wa-hoo.

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