Monday, July 12, 2010

just another {miscellany} manic monday...

I'm having a case of the Mondays.... ugh. so here are my random musings....

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one: reading}
I will finish the book I'm reading this week. I just haven't been motivated to pick it up. but the thought of reading other books makes me want to finish especially since we're traveling next week...

{two: momma dukes}
on saturday I'll see my mom for the first time in seven months [and since DJ and I got married]... excited is an understatement. [a bit nervous too, not going to lie]

{three: pappa bear}
I've been missing my dad a lot lately... just wanting to talk to him more than anything. I would give almost anything for even a five minute conversation. Every day, week, year makes me feel like it should get easier but somehow it still hurts almost four years later.

{four: Parenthood}

one of my best friends brian told me about this show Parenthood... through July 30th they have the whole first season on hulu -- go check it out, it's worth it! funny, sad, sentimental and an all-star cast... it reminds me of Brothers and Sisters meets Modern Family!

{five: Weeds}
you can also watch the first five seasons of Weeds on INSTANT PLAY on Netflix... amazingly witty and hilarious! DJ and I have recently become addicted, we're almost done with the second season and can't stop watching! The theme song is really cool too! :)

I'm going to the gym after work today. I AM GOING TO THE GYM. I'm telling you and myself. I ran outside a few days last week but didn't make it to the gym... I'm going this week. Donzo.


Anonymous said...

So many good books and shows out there to watch! I watched a few episodes of parenthood, but just kept wishing I was watching Modern Family or Brothers and Sisters instead... gave it up soon after.

I haven't seen weeds yet but it's in my queue on Netflix. Glad I have another good recommendation for it.

Sorry about your dad. That sucks.

Love Oliver's name, good choice! Also, Olive thinks she's my baby too, and I think I share her delusion... You made me laugh with your dog mono comment. :)

asj said...

Thanks for all your kind words...

I'm on the 5th episode of Parenthood now... I'm a sucker for Lauren Graham so I like it thus far!

Weeds is amazing, you will love it! AND it's on the instant queue which is even more amazing...

Olive is a great name too! I definitely feel like a puppy parent... I swear I feel like I have a child! :)

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