Monday, July 19, 2010

holy hunger pangs.

I scarfed down ate my lunch [turkey on a whole wheat sandwich thin, clementine, ww string cheese] in less than 15 minutes... this is a problem because I am now huuuungry. I have two snacks [clementine and a vita-muffin] left... but there are also four and a half hours left in the work day.

must. pace. self.
must. exercise. self controool.

we had a really great weekend [I just fell off the healthy food and no drinking wagon], stayed up way to late drinking way too much wine on Friday night with Jeff & Janis... but it was definitely worth it! Saturday we went to go see our amazing friend Ian's dance performance and picked up his husband from the train station and hung out at their house for a bit then headed home and walked down to downtown GB and had some drinks [and then got the munchies and oops ate frozen pizza]... yesterday we spend a lovely afternoon at Tanglewood where we saw Alec Baldwin and Arlo Guthrie perform with the BSO [and ate lots of cheese] then we went and saw Inception... have you seen it what do you think? I'm still processing.

needless to say I did not get soco ice cream because I did not deserve it after eating like crap... oh well, maybe in two weeks?!

today has been a pretty good day at work, loving my new office space, being quazi productive and happy knowing that this will be a short short work week and atlanta is right around the corner... excited to go home and cook stirfry in our new wok [hooray mom for her amazing bridal shower gifts, which she wanted me to open before the bridal shower on saturday, gotta love her].

okay.... feeling less hungry. think I'll go drink a glass of water to hold me over. next snack time: 2:30.

AND I just found out DJ is stopping by to see me at work... so excited. must go primp for my husband. okay, or must go pee, same difference.

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Marianne said...

Don't you hate when you get hungry early on in the day, and then have nothing to eat the rest of the day? It happens to me all the time!

Thanks for visiting our blog!

Lucy's Human
PS. Oliver is adorable! We're sending him big smooches!

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